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Eddie Redmayne jokingly interviews Gayle Rankin about Alys Rivers



Credits: FX
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Another reason why House of the Dragon Season 2 is going to be so exciting is because of the new character additions to the cast. We will finally get to see the cunning Alys Rivers in the upcoming season.

Actor Gayle Rankin will be playing Alys Rivers, who is said to be a healer in the books. The Scottish actress has been a part of major Netflix and HBO shows in the past. Her entry into the world of House of the Dragon will surely shake things up a bit. In a recent interview, she talked a bit about the role, with actor Eddie Redmayne next to her.

Gayle Rankin talks about her Alys Rivers role


Credits: Netflix

The host of the Happy Sad Confused podcast Josh Horowitz interviewed actors Eddie Redmayne and Gayle Rankin about their upcoming Broadway musical Cabaret. However, the host took a bit of a segue to get Rankin to spill some beans on her role as Alys Rivers. There has been so much secrecy and suspense surrounding it that any information we could get is pure gold.

Gayle Rankin revealed that she initially thought the name sounded like that of a morning show host. But eventually, as she dove into the story, she understood the nuances of her role as a witch in House of the Dragon season 2. When asked if her character is a good witch or a bad witch, she jokingly evaded the topic.

CABARET's Eddie Redmayne & Gayle Rankin talk musical revival, Tony nominations I Happy Sad Confused

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Redmayne joined Horowitz in jokingly interviewing Rankin and getting her to spill the secrets. The duo wanted to know some exclusive deets that will break the internet. However, they soon realize that Rankin cannot tell them anything more about her role. Like fans, Redmayne and Horowitz will also have to wait till the premiere of the second season to watch Rankin’s character.

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