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Alys Rivers could be older than Harrenhal and Vhagar

According to Fire and Blood, Alys is much older than she looks.



gayle rankin as Alys Rivers in House of the Dragonv season 2 - Melisandre
Credits: Max

House of the Dragon’s latest episode introduced us to Alys Rivers, known to some as the “Witch Queen of Harrenhal.” Fans are now eager to know more about Alys, who is rumoured to have magical powers.

Many mysteries surround her, with some believing she is an ancient entity far older than she appears. This article explores the enigmatic Alys Rivers and the stories around her origin and age.

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Who is Alys Rivers and how old is she?

Alys Rivers could be older than Harrenhal and Vhagar

Credits: Ollie Upton/HBO

Alys Rivers is a mysterious character in Westeros known for having prophetic visions. When Daemon Targaryen arrived at Harrenhal in Season 2, Alys foresaw his death there.

Actress Gayle Rankin, who plays Alys Rivers in House of the Dragon, mentioned in an interview with Entertainment Weekly that Alys could potentially be 400 years old. However, we have no confirmation that this is true.

Various sources provide differing accounts of Alys Rivers:

  • Grand Maester Munkun: A scholarly figure in Westeros who often compiled historical events. Munkun claims Alys was a serving wench with an interest in potions.
  • Mushroom: A court jester whose tales, though colourful, are sometimes considered exaggerated. Mushroom claims Alys was from an older generation and that she had served as a wet nurse to Lyonel’s sons, Harwin and Larys, and possibly even Lyonel. Mushroom wrote that Alys was an enchantress bathed in maidens’ blood to remain youthful.
  • Septon Eustace: A religious figure whose records blend history with moral commentary. Eustace states she was a woods witch.

According to Grand Maester Munkun and Septon Eustace, Alys was a bastard sired by Lord Lyonel Strong on an unknown woman when he was young. Both Eustace and Munkun considered Mushroom’s claims fantastical, but even they agreed that Alys looked unusually young for her age, as she had to be at least forty during the Dance of the Dragons.

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 Alys Rivers is older than Harrenhal and Vhagar!

Alys Rivers could be older than Harrenhal and Vhagar

Credits: Ollie Upton/HBO

Before diving into Alys’s age, it’s essential to understand the dating system in Westeros. AC stands for “After Conquest,” referring to years after Aegon the Conqueror’s unification of the Seven Kingdoms. BC means “Before Conquest,” indicating years before this event.

Daemon Targaryen captured Harrenhal in 129 AC. If Alys Rivers was present at that time and claimed to be 400 years old, her birth would be around 271 BC.

In this case, she would have witnessed some monumental historical moments:

  • Harrenhal Built (2 BC): Harrenhal, the largest castle in Westeros, was constructed shortly before the Conquest. Alys would have been around 269 years old when Harrenhal was built.
  • The birth of Aegon the Conqueror (27 BC): Aegon founded the Targaryen dynasty and unified the Seven Kingdoms. Alys would have lived for 244 years by the time Aegon was born.
  • The birth of Vhagar (52 BC): One of the original dragons of House Targaryen, ridden by Queen Visenya. Alys would have been 219 years old when Vhagar hatched.
  • The Doom of Valyria (102 BC): A catastrophic event that destroyed the Valyrian Freehold. Alys would have witnessed this event at 169 years old.
  • The birth of Balerion (114 BC): Balerion the Black Dread was one of the most famous dragons in Westeros. Alys would have been 157 years old when Balerion was born.

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