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Everything we know about Addam of Hull: House of the Dragon Season 2 character explained



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In the Dance of the Dragons, every character plays a part in bringing about the events of the Targaryen Civil War. Along with malicious characters, there are also those who are brave and heroic. One of these brave characters is Addam of Hull, who will be introduced in Season 2 of House of the Dragon. He is set to be played by Clinton Liberty in the TV series.

George R. R. Martin’s book, Fire and Blood, covers the entirety of Addam’s life. Here is everything we know about Addam of Hull.

📜Quick Details:

Title: Ser

Born: In 114 AC, Hull

Died: In 130 AC, Tumbleton

House: House Velaryon

House Velaryon
House Targaryen

Father: Laenor Velaryon (officially)
Corlys Velaryon (rumored)

Mother: Marilda of Hull

Sibling(s): Alyn of Hull

Played by: Clinton Liberty


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Who is Addam of Hull?


Credits: The Doom In Our Blood Comes Back

Addam of Hull was a young man from Driftmark. He had a younger brother named Alyn.

When the Dance of the Dragons began, Addam was only fifteen years old. He was a relentless and determined young man.

Both Addam and Alyn were small and quick like their mother, Marilda of Hull. Marilda’s father was a shipwright who owned a shipyard at Hull, a town located beneath the castle of Driftmark.

When her father passed, Marilda sold the shipyard and bought seven ships of her own, which her two sons served on. She claimed that her children’s father was Laenor Velaryon.

However, there have been many aspersions cast on this claim due to Laenor’s preference for romantic partners. Many claimed that they were not actually Laenor’s sons but the son of Corlys Velaryon, the Sea Snake.Corlys was also known to frequent the town of Hull very frequently.

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Addam Velaryon during the Dance of the Dragons


Credits: mrm215

Addam of Hull participated in the Dance of the Dragons as a dragonrider. He was recruited after Prince Jacaerys Velaryon realized that the Blacks would need more people to ride the dragons in their possession.

Though the Blacks had more dragons than the Greens, they had no one to ride them. This resulted in an event known as the Sowing, where people from far and wide came to claim the dragons that were riderless. Many participants were burned, mauled, and terribly wounded during the attempts.

Addam’s younger brother, Alyn, tried to tame the wild dragon Sheepstealer, which resulted in a mishap. Sheepstealer attacked Alyn, setting fire to his cloak. In order to save him, Addam mounted the dragon Seasmoke, which had once belonged to Laenor Velaryon.

Addam used his own cloak to beat out the flames that were burning over Alyn’s body. Meanwhile Seasmoke drove Sheepstealer away.

Lord Corlys later requested Queen Rhaenyra to legitimize the two brothers. She complied, and Addam of Hull became Addam Velaryon, the Sea Snake’s heir as the future Lord of Driftmark.

Addam then participated in the ongoing war, fighting for the first time in the Battle of the Gullet. When King’s Landing fell, Addam was one of the dragonriders chosen to stay and defend the city.

He and Seasmoke remained in the city along with Rhaenyra. The three dragons were kept in the Dragonpit of King’s Landing. Addam was chosen to reside in the Dragonpit to defend the city.

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During the Second Battle of Tumbleton


Credits: Doug Wheatley

The dragonriders Ulf White and Hugh Hammer betrayed the Blacks during the First Battle of Tumbleton. Due to their betrayal, many of the members of the Black council began to question Addam’s loyalty as well.

The only one who spoke up on Addam’s behalf was Lord Corlys, who had been appointed Hand of the Queen. He insisted that Addam and Alyn both were true Velaryons worthy of Driftmark. This did not convince Rhaenyra.

Suspecting Addam to be another potential turncloak, she ordered the Commander of the City Watch, Ser Luthor Largent, to arrest him. However, Lord Corlys, the only one who trusted Addam, warned him before he could be captured.

Addam then sat upon Seasmoke and escaped, flying out of King’s Landing. Furious, Rhaenyra imprisoned Lord Corlys. This act cost her not only a dragon but also her Hand.

With his pride wounded, Addam set out to prove that he was not a turncloak just because he happened to be a bastard. He found the opportunity to do this during the Second Battle of Tumbleton. Songs have been written about Addam’s actions during this time.

Singers say that he flew to the Gods Eye and consulted with the Green Men on the Isle of Faces. The Green Men were said to be a scared order entrusted with guarding the Isle of Faces, an island right in the middle of the Gods Eye Lake.

Historians claim that he actually spent this time flying to castles across the Riverlands that were faithful to the Blacks. He convinced them to join him and pieced together an army of 4,000 men with which he prepared to attack Tumbleton. Tumbleton was a prosperous market town where the Greens and Blacks had fought for control.

Addam Velaryon’s Death and Legacy


Credits: quartzdraws

Addam attacked Tumbleton at nightfall. The Greens were taken completely by surprise, giving Addam and his army a temporary advantage. The city descended into complete chaos as the battle raged on.

Amid the fighting, Hugh Hammer was killed. Prince Daeron the Daring, King Aegon’s youngest brother, was also killed in the battle. Their dragons, Vermithor and Tessarion, now riderless, flew around in the sky, where Addam noticed them.

Not knowing that their riders were dead, Addam rode Seasmoke to fight Tessarion. Both the dragons moved fast in the air, being young and nimble. Vermithor disrupted their midair battle, rising into the sky to burn everyone on the ground.

Addam and Seasmoke charged at Vermithor in an attempt to stop him, though Addam knew that his dragon could not defeat the older, larger Vermithor. However, his sense of duty to protect his fellow soldiers led him into this battle.

Seasmoke drove Vermithor into the ground, where the two dragons fought, wreaking carnage. Tessarion flew down and began attacking the two as well. The three dragons fought to the death in a battle filled with blood, flame, and smoke.

Addam stood no chance of survival amidst the fighting. However, the greens retreated, and the entire host that had been brought from Oldtown was led away from Tumbleton. Addam Velaryon, who had been accused of being a traitor, managed to save King’s Landing and Queen Rhaenyra by sacrificing his own life.

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Addam’s bones were recovered and returned to Driftmark. By this time, his brother, Alyn Velaryon, was the Lord of the Tides. On Addam’s tomb, he marked an epitaph with the word “LOYAL.”

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