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Getting Ready For House of The Dragon : Meet The Dragons – Part 5




Dragons are believed to be intrinsically tied to magic in the world. Since the death of the last dragon in 153 AC, summers grew shorter and the winters colder and crueller, while magical spells became less powerful. Dragonbone is as strong as steel, but lighter and far more flexible, and impervious to fire. It has been used to make brooches, bows, hilts of Valyrian steel daggers, and whip handles.

Today’s article is a continuation of Wiki of Thrones special ‘Getting Ready For House of The Dragon’ segment. For the next few days, here at Wiki of Thrones, you’ll find information about various dragons that might appear on the Game of Thrones prequel series. If we missed your favourite dragon, do not worry, leave a comment below and we’ll cover your beloved beast in the next issue!

Today’s post covers three important dragons from the Dance of The Dragons lore – Arrax, Seasmoke and Quicksilver. They are most certainly to appear in the House of The Dragon.


1. Arrax :


Histories and Lore: A Game of Thrones animation

Arrax was a male dragon ridden by Prince Lucerys Velaryon during the Dance of the Dragons. The dragon’s colouration was pearlescent white with a yellow flame, golden eyes and a golden chest. At the outbreak of the Dance, he was mature enough to be ridden but still young and growing. He was five times smaller than Vhagar. Arrax was placed as an egg near the young prince as a baby, and he hatched no later than about 120 AC.

Lucerys flew to Storm’s End, arriving before a gathering storm. He found Prince Aemond and his dragon Vhagar already present. Aemond tried to goad Lucerys into a fight, insulting him, calling him a Strong bastard, but Lucerys, sworn not to fight, refused him. He delivered his message to Lord Borros Baratheon, but was refused and told to leave.

Borros prevented Aemond from attacking his cousin in the castle, but did allow for the prince to follow him. Mounted on his dragon, Aemond caught up with Lucerys during a raging storm. The fight between the two dragons did not last long. Vhagar, being five times bigger, had the advantage, and Arrax fell broken. His head and neck washed ashore three days later, along with the corpse of Lucerys.

Arrax was the first dragon to die during the Dance of The Dragons. He is intrinsically tied to the plot of House of The Dragon and hence sure to appear.


2. Quicksilver :


Quicksilver and his rider, Prince Aegon Targaryen, dying during the Battle Beneath the Gods Eye, as depicted by Michael Komarck in The World of Ice & Fire.

Quicksilver was the male dragon of King Aenys I Targaryen and his son, Prince Aegon Targaryen. In 43 AC, Quicksilver was a quarter the size of Balerion. His fireballs were pale white in colour. Although the colouring of his body is not stated in the books, his name as well as the colouring of his fire implies that Quicksilver’s scales were silver.

As a hatchling, Quicksilver bonded with Prince Aenys Targaryen. Aenys succeeded his father Aegon I Targaryen as king in 37 AC. After he died in 42 AC, and his half-brother Maegor claimed the Iron Throne. When Maegor I Targaryen became king, both Quicksilver and Dreamfyre remained in King’s Landing.

While Maegor was in Oldtown in 43 AC, Rhaena and Aegon, Aenys’ children, took note of Maegor’s absence from the capital. They managed to successfully infiltrate King’s Landing, though they knew they dare not seize the throne as they lacked the strength to hold it. They had come for dragons – Rhaena was reunited with Dreamfyre and Aegon finally claimed Quicksilver. Aegon attempted to win back the throne that by rights was his, but in 43 AC both Quicksilver and Aegon died fighting Maegor upon his dragon Balerion during the Battle Beneath the Gods Eye. Balerion grabbed Quicksilver’s throat in his jaws, then ripped one of Quicksilver’s wings from its body in mid-air, after which Quicksilver fell to its death, along with young Aegon.

Quicksilver may not be that important to the story of House of The Dragon itself, but he might appear in a flashback arc.


3. Seasmoke :


Vermithor after killing Seasmoke during in Second Battle of Tumbleton as depicted by Douglas Wheatley in Fire & Blood.

Seasmoke was a male dragon that had been previously ridden and left to go wild on Dragonstone. He was a pale silver-grey dragon. It was of fighting size during the Dance but still a young dragon and nimbler in the air than his older brothers. He was of comparable size to Tessarion, who was about three times smaller than Vermithor, and not as fearsome a beast as him in comparison.

Seasmoke was the pride and passion of Laenor Velaryon. After his death, no one had yet claimed Seasmoke. Jacaerys Velaryon called for dragonriders during the Dance of the Dragons. Seasmoke killed one of his kingsguard, Steffon Darklyn, during an attempt. Later, Addam of Hull was able to claim and ride it. Seasmoke and its rider, Addam of Hull, were one of the five dragons participating in the Battle in the Gullet.

As the Second Battle of Tumbleton was put into motion, Ser Addam was determined to prove that all bastards need not be turncloaks. Ser Addam attacked Tumbleton at night, taking the greens completely unawares. By this time, two of the enemy dragonriders, Hugh Hammer and Daeron the Daring, were dead; although Addam could not have known that, he could see Vermithor, Silverwing and Tessarion. The riderless Tessarion took flight and Addam turned his dragon to meet her. Both being young dragons they moved fast and nimbly as they fought. The fight ended when the riderless, enraged Vermithor rose into the sky and set about indiscriminately killing those on the ground.

As the Bronze Fury wreaked carnage, Seasmoke fell upon him, driving him shrieking into the mud. The riderless Blue Queen soon joined the fray and all three dragons fought to the death on the ground amidst mud and blood and smoke. Vermithor killed Seasmoke when he locked his teeth into his neck and ripped his head off. He attempted to take flight with his prize still in his jaws but his tattered wings could not lift his weight. After a moment he collapsed and died. Vermithor had also mortally wounded Tessarion, who died soon afterwards.

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Seasmoke and Addam are very important to House of The Dragon’s plot, and hence sure to appear.

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