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Everything you need to know about Tyland Lannister from House of the Dragon



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House of the Dragon Season 1 introduced us to a wide variety of characters, some of them cunning and shrewd, and some of them brash and arrogant. Among their ranks, we saw many of the ancestors of the Houses of Westeros, including some of the more prominent houses from Game of Thrones.

House Lannister has its own representative in the Small Council, Tyland Lannister. Though Tyland had a small role in Season 1, his prominence will increase in the coming seasons.

He will participate in some of the most important events during the Dance of the Dragons. This article covers everything you need to know about Tyland Lannister.

📜Quick Details:

Master of ships
Lord admiral
Master of coin
Hand of the King

Also known as: The Hooded Hand

Born: In 89–97 AC

Died: In 133 AC, the Tower of the Hand, King’s Landing

House: House Lannister

Allegiance: House Lannister
House Targaryen

Sibling(s): Jason Lannister

Played by: Jefferson Hall


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Who was Tyland Lannister?

Tyland Lannister

Credits: HBO

Tyland Lannister was a knight of House Lannister who served on the small council at King’s Landing. He had an older twin brother named Jason Lannister.

In House of the Dragon, both the twins are played by actor Jefferson Hall. Tyland was described to be tall, golden-haired, and dashing, completely alike to his twin brother Jason.

As Jason was older, he assumed the lordship of Casterly Rock, the seat of House Lannister. Denied the glory of lordship, Tyland was left to find his own place in the world.

Along with his brother Jason, he vied for Princess Rhaenyra’s hand during a feast at Casterly Rock. However, despite showering the princess with gifts, neither of them succeeded in this endeavor.

Rhaenyra’s father, King Viserys I Targaryen, eventually appointed Tyland as the master of ships and lord admiral. He was one of the youngest members of King Viserys’ small council.

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In House of the Dragon Season 1


Credits: HBO

In House of the Dragon, Tyland Lannister only became Master of Ships after the Sea Snake left to fight in the War for the Stepstones.  On Prince Aegon’s name day, he attempted to persuade King Viserys to take action in the Stepstones but was ignored.

Once Cragas Drahar the Crabfeeder was defeated, Lord Corlys grew distant from the royal court. At this point, Tyland remarked that the court had merely traded a Crabfeeder for a Sea Snake.

When Lord Corlys suffered a grave wound in battle, his grandson Lucerys was to succeed Driftmark as Lord of the Tides. However, the legitimacy of Lucerys’ claim was called into question. Most people suspected that Lucerys’ father was Harwin Strong, not Laenor Velaryon.

Tyland also doubted Lucerys’ abilities as a potential commander of the Velaryon fleet. He remarked that Lucerys had not been raised at Driftmark and hence lacked the necessary skills and knowledge.

When King Viserys passed, Otto Hightower called an emergency meeting of the small council to discuss the succession of the crown. Otto stated that Viserys had allegedly wished for the crown to pass to Aegon in his final hours.

When he mentioned this, Tyland spoke out about how Viserys had blessed them, as they had long-laid plans for the crown to pass to Aegon. During the meeting, he mentioned that the treasury was in the small council’s control and that they would divide the gold for safekeeping.

At this point, Lyman Beesbury protested, stating that the realm’s lords had sworn their allegiance to Rhaenyra. Tyland retorted by saying that the lords who had sworn those oaths had long passed. He then mentioned that the council could try to gain Lord Borros Baratheon’s allegiance with a marriage pact.

Tyland Lannister in Fire and Blood

Tyland Lannister had an extensive role in Fire and Blood, which persisted long after the Dance of the Dragons ended. When the war began, Queen Alicent named Tyland the Master of Coin to replace Lyman Beesbury. Criston Cole had killed Beesbury for his support of Rhaenyra.

Tyland sent the gold to the Iron Bank, Casterly Rock, and Oldtown for safekeeping. He then used the rest to fund the war through bribes and gifts and to hire sellswords. When Daemon captured Harrenhal, Tyland encouraged Aemond to attack the castle.

Tyland suffered great misfortune after the Fall of King’s Landing. The Blacks captured him and gave him to Rhaenyra’s torturers. Their task was to obtain information from Tyland about the location of the Crown’s treasury in hopes of recovering it.

The torturers mutilated Tyland, blinded him, and gelded him. Despite all this, Tyland refused to divulge the information to the Blacks. When Rhaenyra fled the city, bankrupt, Ser Tyland was rescued by the gutter knights led by Ser Perkin the Flea.

The Greens eventually returned the city and reinstated Tyland as master of coin. Rhaenyra’s son, Prince Aegon the Younger, was perceived by the court as threatening the crown.

King Aegon II suggested sending him to the wall, but Tyland advised an even harsher course of action. He attempted to convince the King to execute the young prince, stating that the king’s claim would never be safe as long as the prince lived.

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Tyland Lannister after the Dance of the Dragons


Credits: Doug Wheatley

The war ended after King Aegon II was murdered. He was succeeded by Prince Aegon the Younger, Rhaenyra’s son, who ascended the throne as Aegon III.

At this point, Tyland’s sister-in-law, Lady Johanna, negotiated with the royal court. She agreed to return the Crown’s gold from Casterly Rock in exchange for a pardon for Tyland.

Tyland was made Hand of the King during the beginning of Aegon III’s regency. Due to his disfigured appearance, Tyland began to wear a hood at court. This caused the smallfolk to spread rumors that he was a maligned masked sorcerer, and they began calling him “The Hooded Hand.”

Despite the fact that Tyland had once called for Aegon the Younger’s execution, he was a loyal Hand to the new king. He then took several steps to fix the kingdom’s economic state, which had been disrupted during the war.

This included restoring trade and abolishing taxes imposed by Rhaenyra. He also ordered the construction of food granaries and repaired the damages caused to various structures in the city.

Tyland served at the court for many years throughout King Aegon III’s reign. He advised the council wisely on various issues that plagued the Kingdom.

At the age of 44, Tyland contracted an illness known as Winter Fever, which had spread through the entire Kingdom as an epidemic. By this stage, King Aegon III was very close to Tyland, as he had been kind and deferential, serving him faithfully.

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As Tyland lay dying from the deadly illness, he was attended by Septon Eustace and the young King Aegon III, who held Tyland’s hand as he took his last breath.

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