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What is Elden Ring? What was George R. R. Martin’s part in it?



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While there is no shortage of fantasy movies and TV shows, there just seems to be a missing element of interaction. Viewers want to be immersed in the fantastical world of the movie or show, and envision themselves as the hero of the story.

Whether it’s defeating villainous characters or saving a damsel in distress, we want to be a part of the intricate world where magic is real and sword fighting is in style. This is where video games come in. Putting you at the helm of the story, video games allow users to take charge of their destiny and battle their way to victory.

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What is Elden Ring?

Elden Ring

Credit: FromSoftware

A smashing multi-player video game by FromSoftware, Elden Ring has enchanted users since the first time they embarked on the adventure. The open-world role-playing game has a wide variety of avenues for the users to explore. It was first released in 2022 and has since gone on to be one of the most popular fantasy games of all time. It has every bit of magic required to make an extraordinary video game. Intricate dungeons, hard bosses, and complicated characters all come together to create the Elden Ring world of mystery.

Directed by Hidetaka Miyazaki, the game is available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Windows, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. The foundational quest of the game is to become the Elden Lord. You are free to roam the lands and explore the surrounding areas while protecting yourself from undead monsters and demigods with the help of spells, weapons, and stealth mechanics.

Elden Ring offers a world of possibilities to the players where they can craft enchantments, fight demons, and even trade with merchants. They hold the key to their fate as they make decisions and chase quests. The players also have the option to play against their friends in a player vs player mode.

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How is George R.R. Martin involved in Elden Ring?

George R. R. Martin

Credit: Getty Images

Similar to his books, George R.R. Martin did what he does best for Elden Ring. The legendary writer of novels and screenplays Martin is the brain behind the story and world-building in Elden Ring. His imaginative abilities brought Lands Between alive, the realm where magic reigns supreme and demigods wreak havoc.

FromSoftware was keen to make a game where the open world offered more expansive opportunities to the players as compared to their past games. So, in an attempt to up the ante for Elden Ring, director Hidetaka Miyazaki roped in the man behind the massive blockbuster Game of Thrones.

Miyazaki had been a fan of Martin’s work for years. He felt honored when Martin agreed and came on board to build a grand albeit accessible world for Elden Ring. Though such games usually remain open-ended and a bit vague to let players make their own deductions, Miyazaki and Martin wanted to infuse some flavor into the world that would keep players hooked. As the players progress in the game, they unravel mysteries and events that were put in place by the Fire & Blood writer.

The game took 4 long years to fully develop from the story and characters to the the onscreen world and accompaniments. In essence, Martin is responsible for giving a back story to Elden Ring rather than crafting current scenarios that drive the narrative.

Miyazaki still led the story for the game, with Martin having the creative freedom to toy with specific themes and motifs. This was done to free Martin of any restrictions that curb the development of the present storyline. Martin was free to craft a niche story, which the game would eventually build on.

Elden Ring lore written by George R.R. Martin


Credits: FromSoftware

The most interesting aspect of Elden Ring is how players are able to unlock the past as they move forward in the game. Martin was tasked with creating the history and story of the land where players now fight to become the ultimate lord. The lore of the game is not given in the beginning since FromSoftware thrives on a non-linear storytelling format. Along with exploring the land and creating enchantments, the players unfold the history of the place and piece together puzzles of the past.

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Martin’s lore forms the foundation for all the warring players, the factions, and the enchantment origins. The why of everything becomes clear with every new answer the players discover. Even though Martin has not played the game yet, he believes the story brings every aspect together once you reach closer to the end.

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