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George R.R. Martin gets poetic as winds of fall arrive



George R. R. Martin

George R. R. Martin is one of the most well-known novelists nowadays. His compositions have a unique flavor since he blends elements from both reality and imagination. Martin’s universe is intricate and expansive. Readers may get lost in the great range of places and climates depicted in his writings at times. However, the coveted author himself got lost in his thoughts as his favorite season arrived.

Fall is George R. R. Martin’s favorite season

Martin took to his blog Not A Blog to declare his favorite season, “I love Santa Fe at all times of year, but fall is my favorite season. Late September and early October, especially.

The days are bright and sunny, but not hot. The air is crisp and clean, bracing. Dry, of course. We don’t believe in humidity. The nights are cool, the skies full of stars.

And this is when the trees start to turn. We don’t get the full fall colors they have in New England; nor many reds or oranges down this way. But the aspens and the cottonwoods turn yellow, and for a short time we have entire mountains that look as if they were dipped in gold.”

George R. R. Martin receives the Midwest Weirdfest Award

Martin has received several awards for his books, films, and television shows. Night of the Cooters was one such achievement, winning “Best Science Fiction Short” at the LA Shorts International Film Festival. This year, the film was also shown at the MidWest WeirdFest, where it won the Best Short Film award.

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