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Does George R. R. Martin have a blog? What is it about?




George R. R. Martin, renowned for his multifaceted literary career, is an enigmatic figure. His magnum opus, the A Song of Ice and Fire series, was the foundation for the wildly popular television adaptation, Game of Thrones.

Martin’s fascination with the Targaryens led him to explore their saga, contributing to the expansion of his universe. This led to him writing the novel Fire and Blood, which in turn was the basis for the series House of the Dragon.

Beyond his prolific output of books, novels, and curated anthologies, Martin maintains a blog. Humorously titled Not a Blog, he utilizes it to offer glimpses into his personal projects and musings on various subjects. The blog is a conventional platform for Martin’s diverse interests and reflections.

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What is George R.R. Martin’s blog about?


Martin’s updates encompass a wide array of topics. He provides fans with insights into his creative process and ongoing projects.

Central among these updates are progress reports on his highly anticipated work, The Winds of Winter. He also shares exclusive snippets from the book, enticing readers with glimpses into the next installment of his epic saga.

Martin offers regular updates on Wild Cards, a series of superhero anthologies set in an alternate United States. Edited by Martin, this series explores themes of societal transformation and weaves together narratives of the Wild Card virus, which grants superhuman abilities.

Alongside these literary endeavors, Martin shares insights into his extensive literary schedule. He also provides updates on merchandise release recommendations for television shows and films. He often discusses works that inspired his own writing, such as A Game of Thrones.

Furthermore, he engages with fans in a way that makes you feel valued by detailing his involvement with House of the Dragon. He often provides production updates and behind-the-scenes glimpses into the making of the series.

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Despite his busy schedule, Martin also finds time to indulge in his passion for sports, offering commentary on the games he follows. In a way that makes you feel a sense of familiarity, he also provides glimpses into his day-to-day life and personal interests.

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