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George R. R. Martin won’t work on Elden Ring’s sequel unless he beats the game’s first boss




Game of Thrones writer George R. R. Martin is one of the most accomplished novelists today, with some of the best-selling books under his belt. The veteran author is already associated with a bunch of new shows, including Game of Thrones prequel House of The Dragon. Martin has also made his mark in the gaming industry with the critically acclaimed video game Elden Ring which is currently one of the most-played gaming titles on various platforms. However, his current center of focus sounds quite hilarious, that is, to ‘git good’ at Elden Ring.

In a recent interview with PCGamesN, FromSoftwares’ Hidetaka Miyazaki revealed Martin’s crazy condition to finally get on working with Elden Ring 2’s lore. He said, “We wanted to start work on Elden Ring 2 as soon as development on the first game concluded. However, Mr [George RR] Martin won’t agree to a meeting until he beats Margit, the Fell Omen. Every time we reach out, he tells us that we must ‘put our foolish ambitions to rest’”.


According to Miyazaki, Martin has insisted on beating Margit without the help of fancy builds, instead using a level-one melee class. Miyazaki tells us that Martin believes “if he cannot get good, his name shouldn’t be on the game”. FromSoftware even considered nerfing Margit in order to help Martin move on, but after learning of the nerf to Radahn, Martin reportedly disconnected his PC from the internet, texting Miyazaki that he “doesn’t need any help from you lovable sorts”.

Martin was given a pre-release copy of Elden Ring, and has attempted to defeat Margit over 70 times over the past two months. The interview also states that Martin creates a new character every time he dies, writes 100 pages of backstory for them, and simply laughs each time the ‘you died’ message appears on the screen.

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Miyazaki also revealed that in order to motivate himself to beat Margit, Martin has vowed to burn a page of the Winds of Winter manuscript whenever he loses a character.

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