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Tenoch Huerta admits his Namor could beat Jason Momoa’s Aquaman in a fight




Black Panther: Wakanda Forever has been the biggest blockbuster this year. Many claim it to be one of the best Marvel projects since Avengers: Endgame. The movie introduced one of the first superheroes ever to be written, Namor, but in a completely new and vibrant format. Tenoch Huerta, who plays the underwater-breathing, ankle-winged God, says he feels proud about the impact his character had on the brown-skinned people who watched the movie.

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In an interview with Brian Hiatt for Rolling Stone, Hiatt tells the actor, “But of course, Namor could take Aquaman in a fight, though. I think we know that,” to which he laughingly responds, “Yeah.” On being compared to the Game of Thrones alumna Jason Momoa’s Aquaman from DC, Tenoch Huerta says he’s honored to be compared to him. He’s a wonderful actor, a fantastic human being. He’s a Hollywood movie star and they are comparing me with him. It’s like, ‘Oh my, God, Mom! Mom! They are talking about me and Jason!’ It’s fantastic! I love it.”

He further elaborates on how different they are, even though they might seem similar on the surface. “For me, it’s like, okay, they are two superheroes, they come from the water, and that’s it,” tells Huerta. “One is Mayan, Mesoamerican, and the other is Atlantean, from a Greek myth, but it’s different cultures, different backgrounds…even different powers, you know? Aquaman can communicate with animals, with whales and everything and Namor can’t. So, yeah, for me, it’s different characters. But if they compare Jason and me, oh! It’s an honor. That guy is so handsome! Come on!”

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