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House of The Dragon unused storyboard art reveals a close up scene with Sunfyre & Dreamfyre




Game of Thrones prequel House of The Dragon season 1 finished its run last year in December and received an overwhelmingly positive response from viewers and critics. Some have even labeled it as being better than the first season of Game of Thrones. And just like Game of Thrones, the show is already impacting pop culture in a big way. The various colorful dragons in House of The Dragon have left fans wanting for more. In fact, we were actually robbed off of a beautiful close-up scene involving some of the most beautiful dragons.

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In an unused storyboard art revealed by Adam Prescott, the storyboard artist of House of the Dragon on Instagram shows us an etching of Sunfyre and Dreamfyre, Aegon II, and Helaena’s dragons. The storyboard mentions that the scene should have belonged to episode 7, where most of the main characters are present to attend Laena Velaryon’s funeral after her flaming suicide. We can also see the code name used for the series, Red Gun, written on the top.

Instead of a very brief look at the dragons gathered atop Driftmark, we were actually supposed to get a closer look at them, especially Sunfyre and Dreamfyre, who have mostly stayed hidden from sight as of yet. Sunfyre, being the most beautiful Targaryen dragon that ever lived, would have surely been a sight to behold.

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