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HBO releases three House of the Dragon Season 2 trailers!



House of the Dragon season 2 trailer

House of the Dragon is one of the most anticipated projects of 2024. After the debut’s success in 2022, fans have been waiting for over a year for Season 2 to drop. Months of teasing and hyping up has finally led to this – 3 new trailers that were released today. And the new trailer looks just as amazing as the teaser last year – but with more new details about the upcoming Targaryen saga.

House of the Dragon official trailers

The new trailer drop has caused a wild stir on the internet – and Game of Thrones fans are gushing about how fiery it looks. The clips added to what we have already seen in the teaser trailer from last year; a sombre background after a funeral in the Targaryen family, both the Greens and the Blacks mobilizing for war, with a special focus on Rhaenyra, Aegon, Alicent, Aemond, and Daemon. And we don’t have just one, but 3 trailers!

House of the Dragon Official Green Trailer

House of the Dragon | Official Green Trailer | Max

“For the one true king, Aegon!” – the House of the Dragon Season 2 Green trailer begins guns blazing as Aegon warms up the Iron Throne and Criston Cole charges into battle. Alicent reaffirms her belief as to what Viserys told her on his deathbed, and Otto Hightower fuels her hatred towards Rhaenyra. A confident Aemond declares his strength in front of his mentor, Criston Cole, and how he can easily take on his uncle, Daemon. As war rages on, we see a quick glimpse of Syrax, Caraxes, Sunfyre, Vhagar, and Dreamfyre, who will be featured heavily in the civil war.

House of the Dragon Official Black Trailer

House of the Dragon | Official Black Trailer | Max

“We fight for our Queen!”- the Blacks charge into action as Caraxes roars for the rightful heir to the Iron throne. Rhaenyra declares her desire to fight the war as she mourns the recent deaths in her family. For the first time in the show, we will get to visit the north, and the legendary Cregan Stark, who is reminded of his vow by Jacaerys. We also have a snippet of Baela riding on Moondancer, followed by the massive Vhagar riding to battle. The trailer ends with Rhaennyra accepting her fears of what she has just begun.

House of the Dragon Official Dueling Trailers

House of the Dragon | Official Dueling Trailers | Max

The final trailer puts both the Greens and the Blacks into the audience’s perspective. Combining clips from both the previous trailers, the 40-second clip hypes up the fans for the upcoming Season. As the trailer concludes, Daemon asks: “Whose side are you on?”

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