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Steve Toussaint and Eve Best play Guess That Line in latest House of the Dragon featurette



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Relationships are not the strongest suit when it comes to the morally grey characters in House of the Dragon. Still, we do come across couples who do manage to stand the test of time. The best example of this being Lord Colrys Velaryon and his wife Rhaenys. And it seems like their on-screen chemistry stems from real life, as seen in the latest House of the Dragon promo.

Steve Toussaint (Corlys) and Eve Best (Rhaenys) guess lines from House of the Dragon Season 1

As the release date for House of the Dragon Season 2 draws closer, HBO is busy hyping up the fans with new promos. In the latest one, Toussaint (Corlys) and Best (Rhaenys) are invited to play a game of guessing speakers of lines from Season 1. And Toussaint flaunts his awesome memory as he mostly gets them right, though Best is not far behind.

Guess That Line | House of the Dragon | Season 2 | HBO

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Steve Toussaint originally wanted to be a part of Bloodmoon

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Credit: Max

The actor Steve Toussaint who plays Corlys Velaryon in House of the Dragon initially wanted to be cast in Bloodmoon. It was supposed to be a Game of Thrones prequel which eventually got canceled. The showrunners felt that Bloodmoon was a very expensive undertaking so they stopped working on it further. Toussaint still believed that it could have been something bigger.

Nonetheless, it subsequently led the actor to meet Ryan Condal, the brain behind House of the Dragon and everything turned out well.

House of the Dragon Season 2 to have two major battle scenes

The several House of the Dragon trailers and featurettes have been teasing turbulent times in Westeros. Fans know that war is coming to King’s Landing, and in Season 2 we will have two important battle plotlines. In a recent interview, showrunner Ryan Condal said:

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“The battles are episodes unto themselves. We have two of the largest sequences that we’ve ever filmed on House of the Dragon. Both of them outstrip anything that we did in season one. They are episodes within episodes.”

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