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Sam C. Wilson (Blood) completes ADR recording session for House of the Dragon Season 2




The second season of House of the Dragon is slowly inching closer, going through various post-production brush-ups to refine the quality of the show. As fans eagerly anticipate Season 2, there have been several developments so far. Quite recently, the Game of Thrones prequel’s actors were known to be fine-tuning their work at the studio, including Sam C. Wilson.

Sam C. Wilson recorded an ADR session for House of the Dragon Season 2

House of the Dragon might soon begin its reshoot session this month, and it is well on its way to complete the audio re-recordings. According to a recent scoop by Wake the Dragon Twitter account, actor Sam C. Wilson, who will play Blood, recently finished recording an ADR session. ADR is the process of recording or re-recording the audio for a production in a studio in order to avoid any noise which might have been present on the set from making it to the final cut.

The outlet also revealed that next week, actress Michelle Bonnard (Brothel Madam) will record her ADR. She will show up in a few episodes of season two, one of which will be a n*de scene.

House of the Dragon is undergoing audio re-recording

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The Game of Thrones prequel is now in post-production and has just completed many ADR (automated dialogue replacement) sessions. Actor Abubakar Salim, who will play Alyn Velaryon, shared a photo on Instagram following the audio re-recording. Steve Toussaint (Corlys Velaryon) and Clinton Liberty (Addam Velaryon) posed with him and appeared to be having a good time.

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