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“I would’ve been totally fine with a massive load of torture,” says Blood actor

“He’s awful. He’s a bastard. He needed to go,” says Blood actor Sam C. Wilson.



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As soon as the news broke that the showrunners would be adding the Blood and Cheese storyline to House of the Dragon season 2, fans started speculating the nuances of it and how it would all play out. Now that the episode featuring the gruesome scene has premiered, fans are left haunted by King Aegon II’s rage.

The actor who played Blood on the show, Sam C. Wilson, portrayed the fear of torture very accurately. While the other royal family members mourned the death of Jaehaerys, Aegon II chose to exact his revenge by bludgeoning Blood to death.

Blood actor reveals he could have taken more torture

Blood and Cheese scene from House of the Dragon Season 2 premiere

Credits: Max

While fans expected a more gritty scene where Aegon II’s rage took center stage, they were a bit disheartened to see the torture scene get only one quick shot. The behind-the-scenes image and promos for the episode promised a more violent spectacle where Aegon II relieves himself of all anger and frustration pent up inside him.

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Seems like Sam C. Wilson felt the same. Considering how the book features a more gruesome end to Blood, the actor claims that he could have taken more torture to do justice to the scene. In a conversation with Business Insider, Wilson claimed,

I think Blood’s awful, just a horrible guy. It’s all make-believe and I have my own feelings about him, but I would’ve been totally up for epic amounts of torture. They could have done whatever they liked to me. I would’ve been really up for that. I must admit, I definitely find it harder to come to terms with doing horrible things in make-believe land, I find it harder to do them than I do have them done to me. So I would’ve been totally fine with a massive load of torture. I think Blood absolutely deserved it.

It takes a great actor to hide their personal feelings and faithfully bring the character to life on screen. Wilson did exactly that. No matter how disgusted he felt with the character and his actions, he portrayed Blood with absolute authenticity and dedication.

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