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Pedro Pascal jokes Succession star Kieran Culkin is responsible for his arm injury in his Emmy Awards appearance



The awards season is onto us and there’s a lot for TV and film enthusiasts to look forward to. Whether it’s their favorite movies or series winning an accolade, or the glamorous celebs and their banter, every award show has something for everyone.

This year’s award circuit has witnessed some top-tier banter between Game of Thrones alum and The Last of Us star Pedro Pascal and Succession star Kieran Culkin.

Pedro Pascal says Kieran Culkin “beat the sh*t out” of him

The 75th Primetime Emmy Awards took a hilarious turn when Pedro Pascal and Keiran Culkin exuded the rivalry of their respective shows at award ceremonies. Though both are HBO hits, the two are the biggest contenders in almost every award circuit.

The rivalry cleared showed off when Culkin jokingly mocked Pascal at The Golden Globes after winning the Best Performance by an Actor Award. Today at Emmys, Pascal reflected on that before giving away the Best Supporting Actor title.

Referring to his arm injury, he said, “I’d like to take just a second and make this about me. A lot of people have been asking about my arm, it’s actually my shoulder. And I think tonight is a perfect time to tell everyone that Kieran Culkin beat the sh*t out of me.”

Pedro Pascal’s injury won’t affect The Last of Us Season 2 filming

Pascal first appeared with his arm in a black sling as he attended the Golden Globes celebration. Even if the nature of the injury is unknown, it doesn’t appear that it will prevent him from pursuing his goals.

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The latest report mentioned “production on season 2 is not expected to be delayed” due to Pascal’s ailment. Filming for The Last of Us season 2 will start this year in the upcoming month.

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