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Is Lena Headey married? Who is Lena Headey’s husband?



Credits: HBO

Lena Headey is a British actress renowned for her performances in both film and television. She was born on October 3, 1973, in Bermuda, where her father, a Yorkshire police cadet, was stationed. The family later moved back to England, where Headey grew up. She embarked on her acting career in the early 1990s. Her portrayal of Cersei Lannister in the critically acclaimed HBO series Game of Thrones catapulted her to international fame.

Headey’s acting prowess has been recognized with several awards and nominations, highlighting her versatility and depth as an actress. Beyond Game of Thrones, she has starred in 300, The Brothers Grimm, Dredd and so much more, showcasing her ability to tackle diverse roles in various genres.

Quick Answer: Yes, Lena Headey is currently married to her third husband, American actor, writer and director, Marc Menchaca.

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Who is Lena Headey’s Husband?

Marc Menchaca in Ozark

Credits: HBO

Lena Headey is married to Marc Menchaca, an American film director, screenwriter, and actor known for his work primarily in the thriller/drama genre. As an actor, Menchaca’s performances are often praised for their intensity and authenticity. His directorial style is equally commendable, with a keen eye for detail and a profound ability to bring out strong, compelling performances from his actors.

In 2016, Marc Menchaca and Lena Headey met on the set of The Flood. Marc was the director and Lena was the actress. Although Lena was married to Dan Cadan at the time, Marc and Lena started dating in 2020 after her divorce from Dan. Lena Headey’s wedding with Marc took place in Puglia, Italy in 2022, they exchanged vows, surrounded by friends, family, and some of Headey’s Game of Thrones co-stars. They now live together in the UK and have a daughter called Venice.

Lena Headey’s Past Relationships

power is power cersei game of thrones

Credit: HBO

Lena Headey’s personal life, particularly her relationships, has often been in the spotlight, reflecting the public’s interest in her off-screen persona. Her dating history reveals a series of relationships, many of which were with people she worked closely with. Note that some of these may just be rumored, and not confirmed.

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Jason Flemyng

Lena Headey and Jason Flemyng in Anazapta

Credits: Netflix

One of her shortest-known relationships was with actor Jason Flemyng. They first met in 2001 while filming the supernatural thriller Anazapta. The couple’s shared profession played a part in their establishing a quick bond. This relationship didn’t last very long and probably due to the lack of time for the relationship to develop, the couple had very little to say as to why they broke up.

Jerome Flynn


Credits: HBO

Right after, during the filming of the TV show Soldier Soldier, Lena Headey and Jerome Flynn met and started dating. It was very disappointing for fans when this relationship of co-stars from Game of Thrones ended badly. Rumors sprout that Lena Headey requested for her contract to include the fact that she won’t film scenes with Jerome Flynn. But, it looks like they are on talking terms now.

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Peter Paul Loughran

From 2007 to 2013, Headey was married to Irish musician Peter Paul Loughran. The couple divorced due to some irreconcilable differences despite having a child together. Reports suggest that their divorce proceedings soured over time and the couple wishes to lead different lives. The central point of contention in the divorce proceedings seemed to be financial problems as Loughran was later seen performing on the streets for pennies.

Lena Headey and Pedro Pascal

oberyn-martell pedro

Credits: HBO

During her time on Game of Thrones, Lena Headey was rumored to be in a relationship with her co-star Pedro Pascal who played Oberyn Martell. Despite the lack of confirmation and the relationship’s speculative nature, fans saw off-screen chemistry through images on their social media profiles, fueling rumors. However, the rumors eventually faded, and the true nature of their relationship remains a mystery.

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Dan Cadan

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The most notable relationship in Lena Headey’s life has been with Dan Cadan, whom she eventually married in 2018. They were childhood friends but nothing came off it until 2014 when they officially started dating. They got married in 2018, which was Lena Headey’s second marriage, the first being with Peter Paul Loughran. Although their marriage ended in 2019, Headey and Cadan have maintained a cooperative and amicable co-parenting relationship for their daughter, Teddy.

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