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Sunfyre the Golden appears in official concept images from House of the Dragon artist Constantine Sekeris




Fans are eagerly awaiting the second season of House of the Dragon, scheduled to release in Summer 2024. The Dance of the Dragons is about to begin full swing, introducing us to more of the magical fire-breathing mounts of House Targaryen.

As excitement builds, artist Constantine Sekeris has unveiled a set of new concept images. Sekeris has given enthusiasts a glimpse at one of the most beloved dragons from the series: Sunfyre the Golden.

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Concept images of Sunfyre the Golden

Sekeris, known for his meticulous attention to detail, has showcased images of Sunfyre on his ArtStation profile. These images showcase not only the initial concept art for Sunfyre but also the revised and updated designs of the dragon rendered in 3D models.

We can see the dragon standing astride a female figure who is reportedly not part of the series but is only used as a placeholder. Early reactions from fans have been positive.

Fans are praising the artist’s rendering for being accurate to the version described by author George R.R. Martin in the book Fire and Blood. Here are the images as shared by the artist.

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Who is Sunfyre the Golden?

Sunfyre, known as Sunfyre the Golden, is King Aegon II Targaryen’s dragon.

Sunfyre is a dragon with a richly detailed story and plays an extremely important part in the Dance of the Dragons. As the mount of the anointed King of the Seven Kingdoms, the people of Westeros describe Sunfyre is the most beautiful dragon of the Targaryens.

Sunfyre’s scales are the color of beaten gold. His wings have pink membranes, and even his flames have a golden hue. The bond between King Aegon II and Sunfyre is extremely deep, and the two will fight in some of the most pivotal battles of the Targaryen civil war.

Movies and TV shows Constantine Sekeris has worked on


Constantine Sekeris has done exceptional work creating concept art for House of the Dragon. He has played a pivotal role in bringing the fantastical world of Westeros to life. Sekeris recently won an award at the Concept Art Awards 2023 for his work on House of the Dragon.

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Sekeris has worked on blockbuster films such as Blade 2, X-Men: The Last Stand, and Thor. He also has a hand in designing concepts for movies like Fantastic 4 and Hellboy.

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