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Sunfyre, the most beautiful dragon in Westeros, will be debuting early in House of The Dragon Season 2




The first season of House of the Dragon has left fans wanting more, and the show had been renewed for a second chapter even before the season finale aired. It might be some time for the second season to finally be here, as it takes a lot of hard work, planning, patience, coordination between various departments, and a big budget. The filming for the second season has already begun, and we will have a lot more dragons in Season 2 than we did in the first.

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Sunfyre will play a major role in the first half of Season 2

The production of House of The Dragon season 2 is currently underway in Spain, and it has been confirmed by various leaks that a lot of these scenes will involve dragons. Sunfyre, Aegon II’s golden dragon with pink wings, will play a big role in the first half of the second season, helping in forcing the Black lords in Westeros to submission and also winning key battles for the Greens.

As confirmed by the filming leaks, Rhaenys and Meleys’ funeral procession, which is also Aegon II’s victory parade, has been spotted. This confirms the storyline from the books where Sunfyre will fight Meleys over Rook’s Rest, and even though he does get injured in the battle, he will win, with some help from Vhagar, of course.


Sunfyre the Golden by Robert O’Leary

How will Aegon II begin his campaign?

A pic that was shared on Reddit showed evidence that an iconic storyline from Fire & Blood is being adapted, where several Houses formerly supporting the Blacks are coerced into supporting the Greens by force. Ser Criston Cole, after becoming the new Hand to King Aegon II, launches a campaign, beginning with Houses Rosby and Stokeworth bending the knee without any fight. House Darklyn fell after the Sack of Duskendale, followed by House Staunton who fought alongside Rhaenys at Rook’s Rest.


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