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Robin Hood actor Michael Elwyn to play Lord Staunton in House of the Dragon Season 2



The season one conclusion of House of the Dragon was a bell ringing to signal what was to come in subsequent chapters. Season 2 will be filled with battles, and the Targaryen dynasty will be ravaged by a full-fledged civil war. The Battle of Rook’s Rest might be taking place in the fourth episode and will be directed by Alan Taylor. And we might already know who will be taking the command at Rook’s Rest.

Michael Elwyn joins House of the Dragon as Lord Staunton

A number of previous leaks from Bourne Woods and Aldershot have provided strong evidence that the Battle of Rook’s Rest has already been filmed. A number of new cast members have also been revealed, the most recent one being Robin Hood star Michael Elwyn. Elwyn has been cast in the role of Lord Simon Staunton, according to a recent report by Redanian Intelligence.

Who is Lord Simon Strong?

During the Dance of the Dragons, Lord Staunton was the head of House Staunton and the Lord of Rook’s Rest. Lord Staunton was a member of Rhaenyra’s Black Council.

Ser Criston Cole marched on Rook’s Rest following the siege of Duskendale. Even after locking his gates, Lord Staunton was unable to stop the greens from burning his fields and assaulting his livestock and commonfolk. He dispatched a raven to Dragonstone in order to ask Princess Rhaenyra for assistance.

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