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Battle equipment spotted on the set of House of the Dragon in Bourne Woods



House of the Dragon‘s second season will have far more gore than the first. The new combat scenes are being compared by fans as being considerably more horrifying than the infamous Battle of the Bastards from the Game of Thrones prequel. Although we already know that the Battle of Gullet will soon take place in Season 2, it appears that another fight scene is now being shot.

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Swords are being readied on the set of House of the Dragon

More than half of Season 2 of House of the Dragon‘s filming has already been completed by HBO. Just a few weeks ago, principal photography in Spain and Wales was finished. At the same time, filming is taking place in the Leavesden Studios in the UK. We can infer that another combat scene is planned in Bourne Woods, Surrey, based on recent disclosures from the UnBoxPHD YouTube channel.

New filming set in Salisbury Plains

It was reported quite recently that House of the Dragon has set up camp in the Salisbury Plains. Although we don’t know which scene will be shot here, we do have new pictures of the crew at work and new sets being readied, courtesy of Redanian Intelligence.

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