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One Piece actor Vincent Regan to star in House of the Dragon Season 2



Now that the WGA strikes are over, production on various films and TV shows can finally progress. Though Game of Thrones prequel House of the Dragon was not critically affected by the strikes, the return of the writers would mean shoots and reshoots could be done more quickly. As the post-production moves swiftly toward completion, more details about the cast, characters, episodes, and plot are coming to light.

Vincent Regan joins House of the Dragon

Similar to its predecessor, House of the Dragon has managed to assemble an esteemed collection of talents from the filming industry. Actor Vincent Regan has reportedly joined House of the Dragon, according to a report by House the Dragon fan site. Regan was recently seen wearing a green cap with a Targaryen Sigil on it, given only to the cast and crew of the show. He was reportedly also present in Cáceres during the filming of Season 2, costumed as a Kingsguard.

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Who is Vincent Regan?

Vincent Regan is a Welsh actor who is known for starring in several critically acclaimed films. His film directory includes 300, Troy, Unleashed, Clash of the Titans, Lockout, War of The Worlds, and many more. Regan was also recently seen playing Monkey D. Garp in the new Netflix adaptation of One Piece. It is not known what role the veteran actor will be playing in House of the Dragon.

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