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House of the Dragon’s episode 7 gives first look at Sunfyre and Dreamfyre



dreamfyre in season 1 of house of the dragon
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House of the Dragon Episode 7 is available to stream now on HBO and HBO Max, and it is indeed a bottle episode. For those who don’t know, a bottle episode is when a show is confined to one location. They’re usually filler episodes, but this one was different. It was about the characters and their relationships with each other. The episode was also about introducing some new Dragons to the list.

That being said, while House of the Dragon has thus far focused more on politics in the first season than dragon riding, Episode 7 featured the real-life dragons of House Targaryen for a short time. With Laena dead and her dragon Vhagar without a rider, it became the perfect time for a new rider to claim the oldest dragon in Westeros while everyone else mourned her funeral.

With Vhagar having a new rider, it’s necessary to think about which House each of the two dragons are in and who their rider is. It’ll give a clear understanding of the situation and help make decisions going forward.


Sunfyre, a bright gold dragon with pink membrane wings, is Aegon Targaryen’s dragon. Despite being a swift flier, Sunfyre is far from being the greatest of the remaining dragons of the Targaryens.


On the other hand, Dreamfyre is a light blue dragon. She is older but apparently slimmer than the other dragons in the house. Dreamfyre is claimed by Helaena Targaryen at one point, although it’s not really clear if this has happened since episode 7 of the show.

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What do you think about these two dragons and their appearance in the show? Let us know in the comments below.

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