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The cast and the crew of House of The Dragon explain how episode 6 is all about transition




The sixth episode of Game of Thrones prequel House of The Dragon premiered earlier this week. It featured the biggest time jump yet in the series, and a lot happened during the decade that was skipped in the storyline. Episode six of House of the Dragon gave the audience a good look at the new generation of Targaryen children. And a lot more is going to change in the upcoming episodes, as the cast and the crew of the show explained in the most recent behind-the-scenes video.

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Miguel Sapochnik: In 6, we have the time jump, and the changeover of actors, and it felt like a second pilot. 

Ryan Condal: Episode 6 is one of the big leaps because you’re not only jumping 10 years forward in time, but you’re recasting… You’re recasting the show midway through.

Fabien Frankel: His loyalties have shifted completely because Alicent’s the one who pulled him out at the moment he was at his lowest. Now, he’s sworn his vows to her. 

Sapochnik: Alicent tells him, “We must do what is right.” Criston Cole takes it as an excuse to expose Rhaenyra’s wrongdoings, and Cole cannot help himself.

Condal: Now this is adult Rhaenyra. She’s no longer the impetuous teen. She’s much more careful and thoughtful. 

Sapochnik: In the end, Episode 6 is the beginning of the shift where the story starts to become about the children. It’s not just Viserys or Daemon or Alicent or Rhaenyra. It’s also this new group of kids. Aemond and Aegon and Jace and Luke. It’s multi-generational. 

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