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House of the Dragon Episode 7 Preview teases the death of another major character




Game of Thrones might have left a bitter taste in the mouths of a lot of fans with its controversial final season. However, the prequel House of The Dragon is trying hard to relive the glory days of the massive franchise, and seems to have been highly successful so far. It has a similar feel to that of Game of Thrones, in terms of cinematography, themes, and brutal and gory action, and yet stands in its own right as a much different story. The show has successfully walked in the footsteps of its predecessor, especially in terms of on-screen deaths that have been shown so far.

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The events of the upcoming episode, Driftmark, were teased in a preview clip right after episode 6 premiered. A lot of action and drama follows the funeral ceremony of Laena Velaryon at Driftmark. One particular shot focuses on Laenor Velaryon, who is seen swinging his blade at an unknown figure in the clip.


Laena’s brother Laenor has had a tragic life. Firstly, he has to keep his sexuality hidden due to how homosexual people are treated in Westeros, then his lover is killed at his wedding quite ironically. He has a lot of pent-up anger and sorrow that he drowns in ale and new lovers, and Laena’s death and the loss of her dragon Vhagar might just be the last straw that breaks him. Readers of Fire & Blood already know that Laenor dies early in the story, even before the start of the civil war. Maybe episode 7 is his last appearance on the show?

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