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Every detail we noticed in the House of the Dragon Season 2 teaser trailer



It’s an exciting time for House of the Dragon fans. After releasing two posters of the upcoming Season 2 yesterday, HBO finally gave fans what they were so eagerly awaiting.

The House of the Dragon Season 2 teaser trailer dropped at CCXP 2023, one of the biggest pop culture events in the world that took place in Brazil.

Actors Steve Toussaint and Ewan Mitchell were present at the panel to talk about Season 2 and their roles in it.

HBO also released the 75-second teaser on YouTube, and fans immediately began to dissect and analyze every frame of it. Here’s what we noticed so far.

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Rhaenyra finds Lucerys’ remains at Shipbreaker Bay


The trailer begins on a somber note, with Rhaenyra looking over Shipbreaker Bay in tears. This is where Aemond and Vhagar killed Lucerys and his dragon Arrax in Season 1.

Many fans have speculated that Rhaenyra finds Lucerys’ remains during this shot. The castle of Storm’s End, the seat of House Baratheon, is visible in the distance.

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Helaena is attacked by Blood and Cheese


The incident involving Blood and Cheese will reportedly happen very early on in Season 2 and is one of the most horrifying events during the Dance of the Dragons.

We have a shot where we can clearly see King Aegon II’s wife, Queen Helaena Targaryen, being held at knifepoint by the assassin named Cheese, who was once a ratcatcher in King’s Landing.

The role of Cheese is being portrayed by Mark Stobbart. Both Blood and Cheese were assassins hired by Prince Daemon Targaryen to infiltrate the Red Keep in response to the killing of Lucerys Velaryon by Aemond Targaryen.

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Alicent is attacked during a riot at Jaeharys’ funeral


The teaser trailer gives us a shot of the smallfolk rioting during the funeral of Prince Jaeharys. The prince, who is the son of Queen Helaena and King Aegon II, lost his life during the attack by Blood and Cheese.

There is clearly unrest in the capital during the prince’s funeral. Perhaps the brutal murders have given the smallfolk the impression that King Aegon II usurped Rhaenyra’s birthright, and they are not pleased.

Though the trailer shows Alicent being attacked, photos released by HBO show us that she manages to escape the rioting citizens. Some fans theorize that this scene does not occur during the funeral, as Alicent is wearing different clothing at the time.

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King Aegon II Targaryen on the Iron Throne


The trailer gives us our very first look at King Aegon II in Season 2. We see him sitting on the Iron Throne for the first time, as we only saw his coronation in Season 1.

From his clothes, it’s apparent that Aegon has fully embraced his role as the leader of the Greens, as he wears his mother’s colors, the green of House Hightower. Additionally, Aegon has changed the red Targaryen dragon sigil to gold in honor of his dragon Sunfyre the Golden.

The change in colors also indicates that the war with Rhaenyra has either begun or is about to begin, as Aegon took the colors to distinguish himself from Rhaenyra’s faction and claim to the throne. We also get a shot of him walking to the Iron Throne with his friends Reyne and Estermont.

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Helaena at her son’s funeral in King’s Landing


This overhead shot, considered by many fans to be one of the beautiful ones from the teaser, is reportedly Queen Helaena Targaryen at the funeral of her son Jaeharys. Though the young prince was the victim of Blood and Cheese’s attack, Queen Helaena also suffered heavy trauma from the incident.

The shot shows Helaena’s covered by a sheer black veil. Helaena appears to be looking upwards at something in this shot.

Speculations say that she is looking up at her husband King Aegon II as he flies over the city on his dragon Sunfyre.

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Alicent talking to Larys Strong


Larys Strong appears in the trailer off-screen as Alicent confides in him. She says to him, “Many will die,” referring to the inevitable war that is about to follow.

Fans speculate that this scene takes place after the funeral of Prince Jaehaerys, as Alicent seems to have been crying and is clutching a tissue. The killing of King Aegon’s children is also the point that Alicent realizes there is no turning back from open conflict.

It is likely that she is consulting with Larys, who is her Master of Whisperers, on how to proceed with the negotiations. Since Larys is aware of the goings-on in King’s Landing and the Seven Kingdoms, Alicent is likely discussing the possibility of war and whether the Greens can prevail.

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The army of the Greens marches on Rook’s Rest


The Battle of Rook’s Rest is set to be one of the most exciting sequences in Season 2 and will involve many of the largest dragons from the season battling it out.

In the trailer, we see the Greens marching toward the castle to besiege it.

Along with the banners of House Hightower, we also see the arms of House Stokeworth, a white lamb holding a golden goblet on a green field.

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Criston Cole beheads Lord Gunthor Darklyn


Early on in the trailer, we also get a shot of Ser Criston Cole, the Kingmaker. He wears the official chain of the Hand of the King around his neck, signifying that King Aegon II has appointed him to the position after dismissing his grandfather, Lord Otto Hightower.

Cole is surrounded by Green soldiers and is beheading a man who fans speculate to be Gunthor Darklyn, the Lord of Duskendale. This event likely occurred during the Sack of Duskendale, a battle that was an easy victory for the Greens.

Lord Darklyn was one of the few lords who refused to bend the knee to King Aegon II, and what we see here is the result of his decision.

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Addam Velaryon and Seasmoke


We get our first shot of Addam Velaryon, who will be one of the new dragonriders fighting for the Blacks. Above him flies Seasmoke, the dragon once ridden by Laenor Velaryon.

In the next shot, we see Addam riding Seasmoke. Addam Velaryon is one of the most courageous members of the Blacks and is known as a Dragonseed, as he was recruited for his ability to tame and ride a dragon.

This scene reportedly takes place when Addam swears allegiance to Rhaenyra. Addam Velaryon is rumored to be a bastard of either Laenor Velaryon or Corlys Velaryon, the Sea Snake.

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Rhaenyra and Syrax meet Addam and Seasmoke


We have a shot of Rhaenyra standing in front of Syrax and facing the Dragonseed Addam Velaryon, who stands before his new mount, Seasmoke.

Though we do not know the particular significance of this scene, it possibly happens sometime after Addam rides Seasmoke for the first time, in an event known as the Sowing.

It is also notable that Seasmoke once belonged to Rhaenyra’s husband, Laenor, who fled Westeros and is presumed dead.

Rhaenyra and Addam had serious differences during the war after the First Battle of Tumbleton.

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Vhagar looms above at the Battle of Rook’s Rest


The Battle of Rook’s Rest is possibly one of the most anticipated sequences in House of the Dragon Season 2. It will happen early on and involve some of the main players in the Dance of the Dragons.

We see a shot of Vhagar, looking absolutely enormous as she glides above an army of soldiers, most likely Greens.

Along with Vhagar and Aemond, this battle will also feature King Aegon II and his dragon Sunfyre the Golden.

The two will team up against Princess Rhaenys and her dragon Meleys, The Red Queen, resulting in their fates being forever changed due to the battle.

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Baela riding Moondancer


Surprisingly, we also got a shot of Lady Baela riding a dragon, who is most likely Moondancer.

Though we didn’t actually get a shot of Moondancer, most dragonriders tend to only ride their own dragons. So that’s most likely who she is flying upon.

This shot has left readers of the book Fire and Blood scratching their heads. There is no mention of Balea riding into battle until much later during the Dance of the Dragons.

It’s possible that HBO will deviate from the book and include Baela in the Battle of Rook’s Rest. Her scream of agony may indicate her reaction to a tragic event that occurs during the battle.

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Duel of the Cargyll twins


There is a shot with one of the Cargyll twins, either Erryk or Arryk, though it is hard to say. Based on the facial features and beard, this is most likely Erryk Cargyll.

The scene depicted is the legendary duel with his twin brother at the Castle of Dragonstone. During this duel, Ser Arryk infiltrated Dragonstone dressed as his twin brother, Ser Erryk.

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This is another reason why it’s not certain which one is in the shot. This duel is also likely to happen early on in Season 2 and is sure to leave fans heartbroken.

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