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New House of The Dragon leak confirms all the Houses supporting Aegon II in Season 2



The second season of Game of Thrones prequel House of The Dragon will begin with divided loyalties. Fans, knights, and their Houses will be picking a side, and whether it is the Greens or Blacks, a lot of blood will be shed. Filming is currently going on in Spain, and several leaks suggest we already know the Houses supporting the Greens.

Which of the Houses will be supporting Aegon II?

A pic that was shared on Reddit bore evidence of an iconic storyline from the Fire & Blood novel, where several Houses formerly supporting the Blacks are coerced into supporting the Greens by force. Ser Criston Cole, after becoming the new Hand to King Aegon II, launches a campaign, beginning with Houses Rosby and Stokeworth bending the knee without any fight. House Darklyn fell after the Sack of Duskendale, followed by House Staunton who fought alongside Rhaenys at Rook’s Rest.

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Here’s a clearer picture provided by the fan account House the Dragons.

How did Rhaenys Velaryon die in Fire & Blood?

The scene filmed was that of a victory parade, possibly after Aegon and Aemond defeat and kill Rhaenys and her dragon, Meleys, which will happen quite early on in the second season. The Green and the Black army meet at the Rook’s Rest, where Rhaenys and Meleys meet Aegon II and Sunfyre in aerial combat, and are close to winning when Aemond ambushes her with Vhagar, resulting in her fiery death.

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