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Fans argue if House of the Dragon should continue filming despite SAG-AFTRA strike



With the recent completion of filming on the Game of Thrones prequel House of the Dragon in Wales, all outdoor production for the next HBO epic is now complete. With the remaining filming scheduled to take place at the Leavesden Studios through September, the production is currently more than halfway finished. There was a looming threat of the production being halted midway, however, it seems House of the Dragon won’t face any issues.

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House of the Dragon to continue filming despite SAG-AFTRA strike

As of now, filming on the second season of the HBO series is expected to go according to plan, according to a recent news report. The majority of the British actors in the Game of Thrones prequel’s cast have Equity contracts, not SAG-AFTRA ones. As a result, Equity members are unable to strike in support of the US union.

Equity circulated its actors’ strike guidelines to members on Thursday, stating that the British acting union will “stand in unwavering solidarity” with the Hollywood trade union, just before SAG-AFTRA joined the ongoing writers’ strike. However, because Equity is legally unable to launch a strike in favor of SAG-AFTRA under British law, members are still expected to “report to work.”

Fans debate if House of the Dragon continuing filming is ethical

A number of fans expressed on Twitter if House of the Dragon cast members should have joined the strike, and the responses are as varied as one can imagine.

Do you think House of the Dragon Season 2 should continue filming? Tell us in the comments below!

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