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House of the Dragon filming leads to frustration amongst locals in Wales due to “total lack of respect”



Game of Thrones prequel House of the Dragon recently wrapped up filming in Wales, and with that, all the outdoor shoots for the upcoming HBO epic have been completed. The production is now more than half done, with the remainder of the filming to go on till September at the Leavesden Studios. However, it seems some of the filming activities might have irritated the locals in Wales.

House of the Dragon crew treated locals disrespectfully

Although it is really common for curious locals to try and get pictures of a shoot taking place close to their stay, sometimes it leads to clashes. We reported a few weeks ago that a local source was treated badly while accidentally straying too close to the set. They wrote:

“As someone who regularly walks this route in Dinorwic quarry, I am disappointed at the total lack of respect shown to local residents by members of your production crew, some of whom think themselves above the law.”

“Whilst taking pictures, I was aggressively accosted by a security guard who told me I was not allowed to take pictures, even though I was on a public right of way. Could you please ensure members of your team familiarise themselves with local laws which give them no powers to prevent such photography from public rights of way.”

House of the Dragon shoots helped the local economy

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Even though there have been some reports of small arguments, the locals have largely welcomed the crew with open arms. One local told, “Of course the island makes money. Where do you think a lot of these people stay, eat, spend time when not on set? And when the series is released, people often visit where filming has taken place.”

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