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Daniel Portman (Podrick) lied about reading the books during his Game of Thrones audition




Game of Thrones has had a ton of mysteries, but perhaps the biggest one has been about one seemingly not-so-important character, Podrick. The story is that Podrick, portrayed by Daniel Portman, visited a pleasure house, and the girls there were amazed by him. So the big question since then has been “What did Podrick do to those girls?” This mystery affected Daniel’s real life as well, when he was harassed by some older fans at the height of the show’s popularity. He used to be a people pleaser, but that actually worked in favor of him when he landed the iconic role.

Portman recently attended the first official Game of Thrones convention in Las Vegas, which was attended by a number of Game of Thrones and House of The Dragon stars, and they spilled a few secrets. Portman revealed he used to lie about actually reading the Game of Thrones books. He said:

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“I used to lie about this. Well, I did [start reading the books] but then there wasn’t enough time – Nah. No. I didn’t and still haven’t. I was young, I was a people pleaser. Now, I’m jaded and… yeah, you live and you learn.”

Do you think his performance would have been somewhat different after reading the books? Tell us in the comments below!

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