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Kit Harington is tired of hearing “You know nothing, Jon Snow!”




Game of Thrones star Kit Harington rose to fame with his character Jon Snow and has become a household name ever since.  Harington has come a long way, playing iconic roles in several anthology series, making headlines with his role in the MCU movie Eternals. Fans are really hyped up about his expected return in the upcoming Game of Thrones sequel ‘Snow’ in the works, which is being created by Harington himself. However, there’s one iconic Game of Thrones line he absolutely hates being repeated to him, and there’s a good chance we won’t hear it in the spinoff show.

Harington recently revealed to Metro that he absolutely loathes the “You know nothing, Jon Snow” line. He said, “I always got really annoyed by the ‘You know nothing, Jon Snow.’ I still get annoyed by it, because I don’t know what it means! It’s like, what do you mean I know nothing? What does that mean? What are you talking about? It’s such a terrible insult.”

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He added, “I get “I drink and I know things”, but I don’t get “You know nothing.” For some reason I’ve never got it, I don’t want it. I don’t know…I always liked Bronn’s lines. Bronn’s lines were awesome. Bronn always had a good exit line.”

Do you think Harington’s rage at the iconic dialogue is justified? Talk to us in the comments below!

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