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Daemon Targaryen is “haunted by his demons,” says Matt Smith about his House of the Dragon season 2 character arc




Daemon Targaryen actor Matt Smith has a few words to describe his upcoming role in House of the Dragon season 2. From what fans saw in season 1, Smith teases that something completely different is coming their way. Here’s what he said in his latest interview with CBS.

Matt Smith teases Daemon’s mindset for House of the Dragon Season 2

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Promotions and marketing activities for the star cast of House of the Dragon are lined up one after another. From Matt Smith who plays Daemon to Emma D’Arcy and Olivia Cooke who play Rhaenyra and Alicent respectively, every actor is finally sharing a few tidbits from the upcoming season that have gotten all fans riled up.

If the teasers and promos were not enough, the actors are opening up to give fans a glimpse into the mindsets of their respective characters. This is helping fans gear up for what’s about to come. Matt Smith shared Daemon’s altered mindset in the upcoming season of House of the Dragon. The actor said in the CBS interview,

“He sort of tumbles into anonymity in a way. He gets softer, lazier, fatter, slower. And he’s sort of haunted by his demons, really, by ghosts, by apparitions, by his own sense–the weight of all the bad deeds that he’s done really come home to roost, so to speak. And I think he becomes more exposed, really, in a way.”

Fans don’t really need a refresher to know what skeletons Daemon harbors in his closet. He has done every misdeed imaginable. His ambition may have driven him to some extremes in House of the Dragon season 1. However, Smith claims that Daemon analyzes his actions and processes what he’s truly capable of. Consequently, House of the Dragon season 2 is a turning point in the entire Targaryen history as the family fights for the ultimate power.

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We are excited to see how Smith brings this introspection quality to life on screen. Moreover, he is an incredibly talented actor who has dazzled audiences in the past. So, fans have no question about his credibility as an actor.

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