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All we know about the House of the Dragon season 2 filming locations in Wales



Filming for House of the Dragon season 2 is in full swing and wrapped up in Spain and moved on to Wales. The crew and Emma D’Arcy have reportedly arrived in North Wales with tons of set designs already being brought to life. Reportedly, North Wales will also stand in as Pentos, which was shot in Morocco during Game of Thrones. We bring you the latest news and updates about House of the Dragon season 2 and here’s all we know about what’s going on in Wales.

What locations are selected for House of the Dragon season 2?

According to Redanian Intelligence, locals have reported that filming will be taking place at many major valleys, beaches, and quarries across North Wales, namely, Dinorwig Quarry, Llyn Lydaw, Ogwen Valley, Trefor Quarry, Pen-Yr-Orsedd Quarry, Traeth Llandwyn beach. Many of these locations have been used in numerous other television and movie productions.

Dinorwig Quarry

dinorwic quarry house of the dragon season 2

Credits: Phil Roth

This slate quarry used to be the second biggest of its kind in Wales until its closure in 1969. Its hauntingly tall formations have made it a regular filming location for productions like Street Fighter (1994), Clash of the Titans (2009), Willow (1987), and many more. It is also an extreme rock-climbing location. This is why the British Mountaineering Council was informed of the shooting scheduled to take place. The UKH received the announcement, which specified the filming spots inside Dinorwig Quarry to be:

  • The site of the Old Splitting Sheds referred to as ‘Victoria’
  • The rock opening known as ‘Matilda’
  • The steps adjacent to ‘Dahlia’s Hole’ or ‘Dali’s Hole’

dinorwig quarry house of the dragon season 2 filming location

Cross Plains Productions also states, “The scenes will include extras in armour, horses, special effects and various props.” Residents have been warned of increased traffic and activity in the surrounding area. They have also requested a “small closure of the turning circle at the western entrance to the Quarry by the bus stop between Tuesday 4th July – Friday 7th July to ensure larger technical and support vehicles can be brought up through to the Quarry.” Filming at the quarry will follow this official schedule:

  • Preparation: Monday 12th June – Tuesday 4th July
  • Filming: Wednesday 5th July – Thursday 6th July
  • Reinstatement: Friday 7th July – Wednesday 12th July

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Trefor Quarry

Locals have photographed the Trefor Quarry area bustling with construction crews, rumored to be in preparation for House of the Dragon season 2. Now abandoned, Trefor quarry was once the biggest granite quarry in the world. It sits by a small harbor and has huge castle-like structures, guessed to be crushing sheds and warehouses, dating back to the 1850s.

These structures are absolutely fit for Game of Thrones and House of the Dragon, with such an isolated location with sprawling greens and rocky hills in the background. The buildings are also made from stone, giving them a medieval look now that it’s weathered and worn. Sitting on a coastline, this location is greeted by the rolling foggy clouds, a classic feature of North Welsh countryside.

The latest photos from locals show the crew setting up sets with what looks like a black sigil at Trefor Quarry. Twitter users guess it can hint at a location from the Blacks’ side, probably Dragonstone.

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Traeth Llanddwyn Beach, Anglesey

house of the dragon season 2 filming wales anglesey

This beach on the island of Anglesey is known for its beautiful sunsets and a panoramic view of the hills surrounding it. In 1955, it was declared the first coastal national nature reserve in Wales. North Wales Live reports that Cross Plains Productions has also written to the nearby residents of Newborough, pledging minimal disruption. A marquee has been erected close to the location at Penmon and filming is thought to have begun already. The official filming schedule looks like this:

  • Preparation days: Monday, June 12 to Friday, June 16
  • Hold days (no activity): Saturday and Sunday, June 17-18
  • Preparation days: Monday and Tuesday, June 19-20
  • Filming days: Wednesday to Friday, June 21-23
  • Reinstatement days: Saturday, June 24, and Monday, June 26
  • Hold day (no activity): Sunday, June 25

What are they shooting?

A local resident who says she talked to a crew member informs, “They are basically filming a man walking towards the sea, talking to his dragon. It’s being done by the people who filmed Downton Abbey, and they leave nothing but footprints and some goodwill donations to the village.”

daemon house of the dragon season 2

Our best guess is this shot will take the form of Daemon and Ceraxes on one of Dragonstone’s beaches, similar to what we see in season 1. The producers also write, “We plan to film at several locations along the beach and in the woods. During the filming, we may ask people to wait for a moment when we are shooting, or take an alternate route around the area where filming is happening. There will be no other limitations on access in any other areas.”

The production team will also be making donations to the Pritchard Jones Institute and the Llyn Parc Mawr Community Woodland Group. This will be used to pay for squirrel feed, Newborough Forest being a sanctuary for reds.

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Important Events confirmed to take place in Wales

A violent battle involving Aemond Targaryen will be filmed in North Wales, although the exact location is not disclosed. It is suspected that this will be the Battle of Rook’s Rest. This will involve Aegon II, Rhaenys, and Aemond as the big players, along with their dragons. A huge number of actors will be required in various roles to portray soldiers. The production house has announced a casting call for three actors. They will be involved in multiple shooting days towards the end of June within 25 miles of Caernarfon.

The casting call specifically states that they are looking for people with blond hair. Targaryens are known for their signature blond hair, but so are the Lannisters, so it’s anyone’s best guess.

North Wales Live reports that the filming at Penmon will involve two toddlers, thought to be Rhaenyra Targaryen’s sons Aegon and Viserys. We might see more of the kids since showrunner Ryan Condal told Indiewire, “This second season is about the kids that we only saw for a couple of episodes at the end of the series that are now grown up to be young adults who have dragons, who are of riding and fighting age, who have opinions of their own and a desire to get out there and defend the family claim.”

Battles scenes will require the young children to carry out dangerous stunts. Allegedly, filming with toddlers is why House of the Dragon Season 2 was shortened from 10 to 8 episodes.

This space will be continuously updated with the latest filming news.

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