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New leaks from the set of House of The Dragon show Aegon II’s new golden sigil



Aemond and Aegon

Every episode of Game of Thrones prequel House of The Dragon ramps up the tension and intensity, with the Targaryen family steadily straining apart. The Greens are gearing up to take control of King’s Landing, and it appears that they have just secured their first big victory. And what better way there is to show off their new banner, which flaunts a golden Targaryen sigil.

Aegon II’s new golden sigil spotted on set

In several new pictures that were leaked from the set of House of The Dragon, locals spotted a glowing golden Targaryen sigil on various banners and carriages. This indicates that the red and black sigil that decorated King’s Landing previously will now be replaced by Aegon II’s new sigil, a mix of his father’s symbol with the colors of Hightower. When Aegon II Targaryen is crowned king, he wears a golden dragon sigil on his chest and flies a banner with the same golden sigil behind him to honor his dragon, Sunfyre, who has golden scales. The three-headed dragon for his father, gold for color for Sunfyre, and Green in honor of Hightowers.

House of The Dragon will film scenes with Rhaenyra’s sons Aegon & Viserys in Wales

Quite recently it was reported that the filming for House of The Dragon will move on to North Wales once it is finished in Spain, where currently several important episodes are being filmed. According to a report by North Wales Live, the shooting will reportedly involve two toddlers: Rhaenyra’s sons Aegon & Viserys, and they might be getting some action scenes as well.

House of The Dragon Season 2 will be about the kids and dragons

Showrunner Ryan Condal recently had a chat with Indiewire and said, “This second season is about the kids that we only saw for a couple of episodes at the end of the series that are now grown up to be young adults who have dragons, who are of riding and fighting age, who have opinions of their own and a desire to get out there and defend the family claim.”

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