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Filming schedule for House of The Dragon Season 2 in North Wales revealed




Game of Thrones prequel House of The Dragon had an impressive first season; some were of the opinion it was better than the first season of the original show. Fans and critics have praised the costumes, the scenery, the sets, the storyline, and the filmography, and we will get to see more new sceneries as a new filming location has just been added.

When will House of The Dragon film Season 2 scenes in North Wales?

As reported by UKH, filming for House of The Dragon Season 2 will take place at Dinorwic Quarry across three areas: Rock opening ‘Matilda’, the Old Splitting Sheds, & the steps adjacent to ‘Dahlia’s Hole’. The dates are as follows:

• Preparation: June 12th – July 4th
• Filming: July 5th – July 6th

A violent fight scene might be filmed in Wales

Westerosies also reported that a casting call was put out earlier this week for three actors with blonde hair to be involved over several days of shooting at the end of June. The actors will be required to wear armor, stand in a military position, and/or portray a wounded person.

Why will House of the Dragon Season 2 have only 8 episodes?

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According to a report by North Wales Live, the filming in North Wales is supposed to involve children, and they might be a part of some stunt work. Their source also revealed that Season 2 was reduced to 8 episodes instead of 10 due to a battle requiring young children to be carrying out dangerous stunts.

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