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House of The Dragon Season 2 filming update: Cáceres prepares for the death of a dragon



Game of Thrones prequel House of The Dragon successfully completed its first season last year. Fans are already looking forward to the fire-wrapped, gore-filled, emotionally-wrenching second season of the HBO Drama, and it might be here sooner than we realize. Most are looking forward to the variety of new dragons we will get to see in Season 2, however, there will also be some who will be losing their heads.

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Spoiler Alert: House of The Dragon filming scenes following the death of Meleys and Rhaenys

There have been several reports by locals in Cáceres and the site Los Siete Reinos who were present during the dress rehearsals that took place today in the Spanish city. According to the witnesses, one of the props includes a massive dragon head that is paraded through King’s Landing, followed by a coffin carrying the charred remains of a human body.

How did Rhaenys Velaryon die in Fire & Blood?

The scene filmed was that of a victory parade, possibly after Aegon and Aemond defeat and kill Rhaenys and her dragon, Meleys, which will happen quite early on in the second season. The Green and the Black army meet at the Rook’s Rest, where Rhaenys and Meleys meet Aegon II and Sunfyre in aerial combat, and are close to winning when Aemond ambushes her with Vhagar, resulting in her fiery death.

List of locations that will appear in House of The Dragon Season 2

According to the Redanian Intelligence and Hoy Extremadura, filming in Cáceres, Spain for House Of The Dragon Season 2 will be held at these locations:

• San Jorge Square
• San Mateo Square
• Arco de la Estrella
• Callejón de la Monja
• Orellana Street
• Plaza Mayor de Trujillo

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