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What did Young Rhaenyra say to Daemon in High Valyrian in his vision?

Want to know what Rhaenyra said to Daemon in his vision? Keep reading.



Milly alcock House of the Dragon Season 2 Episode 4 - Young Rhaenyra
Photograph by Ollie Upton/HBO

Daemon’s enigmatic visions started when he reached Harrenhal. Since then, his conscience has been trying to tell him something, indicating a nuanced message that he has not been able to decipher. He first saw young Rhaenyra sewing young Jaehaerys’s head, making him feel guilty for killing him.

In the latest episode of House of the Dragon season 2, Daemon had multiple visions featuring young Rhaenyra dressed as the present Rhaenyra and even of his dead wife Laena. While Laena was mute in Daemon’s vision, young Rhaenyra had quite a lot to say. Here’s what she said to Daemon in High Valyrian and what it meant.

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Rhaenyra’s High Valyrian Speech Deciphered

milly alcock matt smith House of the Dragon Season 2 Episode 4

Photograph by Ollie Upton/HBO

Even though you are free to use our High Valyrian translator to decipher what Rhaenyra said to Daemon in his vision, we are making it simpler for you to understand what she meant. The fact that she used High Valyrian to deliver her message means something very intricate for the couple. They used the language in moments of strong intimacy to reveal their true feelings for each other. In a way, it makes them feel alone in a world where only they can understand each other.

So, when Rhaenyra in Daemon’s vision chose to attack him in their intimate language, it felt more impactful and powerful for the Rogue Prince. The speech basically compares Daemon’s actions and behavior from when Rhaenyra was a kid to now when she’s fighting to become queen. Here’s what David J Peterson intended for Milly Alcock’s speech to be in House of the Dragon season 2 episode 4.

“It’s been said that Targaryens are closer to gods than men…

In my eyes, you were a god. Daemon Targaryen. The Prince of the City. The Lord of Flea Bottom.

I was an innocent. You exploited me and abandoned me. You sullied my name at court. You empowered my rivals. You tried to make my ruin.

You put me on that throne. And you love me and you hate me for it.

You created me, Daemon. Yet you are now set on destroying me.

All because your brother loved me more than he did you.

This is what you always wanted, is it not?”

The conflicts between the couple have been immense, from their desire to sit on the Iron Throne to their different feelings toward King Viserys.

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Meaning of Rhaenyra’s speech in Daemon’s Vision


Credits: Max

The central point of contention between Daemon and Rhaenyra in the Dance of the Dragons is Daemon’s loyalty to Rhaenyra. She believes Daemon has ulterior motives and is not helping her fully whereas Daemon is tired of being accused even though he means well. So, in this particular vision, Daemon’s conscience puts forth his innermost feelings that translate into Rhaenyra’s blame and true perspective of him.

Rhaenyra’s words remind Daemon of the bond they once shared as she mentions Flea Bottom where they first realized the spark between them. Furthermore, he puts the crown on her head at the end of House of the Dragon season 1, signifying he made her. So, when he decides to send assassins to King’s Landing, Daemon is actually conjuring her undoing, as young Rhaenyra also claims in the vision.

The reason why Daemon sees Rhaenyra in her younger days is because he longs for the connection they had back then. That was a time when she actually listened to him and respected his opinion. After her speech, the words cut through Daemon as he truly realizes the brunt of his actions. In the end, when he is unable to take any more of the hurt, he cuts her head off.

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