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Aegon’s fate after Battle at Rook’s Rest was revealed by House of the Dragon production team last year

Is Aegon II alive after the Battle of Rook’s Rest?



Aegon's fate after Battle at Rook's Rest was revealed by House of the Dragon production team last year
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With new updates almost every day, fans often forget key details that are right in front of their eyes. After the thrilling House of the Dragon season 2 episode 4, fans are wondering what happened to King Aegon II. Did he survive that brutal attack and if so, how?

When his younger brother Aemond’s cunning and insults hurt Aegon II’s ego, he decides to let his insecurities get the best of him. He suits up in the armor and flies to Rook’s Rest to be a part of the battle. However, Aegon II’s impulsive actions and the need to prove himself hinders the army’s victory. When Rhaenys and Meleys attack the Greens’ army, Aegon II tries to use Sunfyre to block their attack. In the meantime, Aemond also reaches the scene with Vhagar.

Vhagar attacks with a brutal force, seemingly burning Aegon II and Sunfyre as well. This leads to the duo crashing into the forest, to the dismay of the entire Greens army.

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Aegon II is likely alive, and that may have been confirmed a while ago

House of the Dragon

Credits: Theo Whiteman/HBO

You don’t need to wait till next week’s episode to know that Aegon II survived that fierce attack and lives on to trouble his council another day. The King of the Seven Kingdoms will not be so easily vanquished. We know Aegon II is alive because of one crucial detail that the production team of House of the Dragon shared towards the end of last year when they wrapped filming for season 2.

Along with the basic thank yous and miss yous was a quote by Larys Strong that read, “You have written yourself into legend. You survived Dragonfire.

It looks as if Aegon II’s Valyrian Steel armour will save him after Vhagar burns him and Sunfyre at Rook’s Rest
byu/iRahulJadhav inWikiOfThrones

This quote hails its significance from the Battle of Rook’s Rest as Aegon II survives Vhagar’s fire. Thanks to his Valyrian steel armor and Sunfyre’s protection, Aegon II is very much alive after the debacle of the war. Even though Larys Strong does not mention a name, it is pretty obvious that he is talking about the King, given the circumstances we have witnessed so far.

Even Sunfyre lives on, but according to the book, he cannot fly again. The burns were so severe that the duo barely got out alive. The cryptic message by the production team makes complete sense now and saves us from prolonged suspense.

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