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Steve Toussaint talks facing racial abuse for being cast as Corlys Velaryon in House of the Dragon

Toussaint also discussed Corlys playing an important part in Season 2.



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With the release of House of the Dragon’s second season just around the corner, actor Steve Toussaint took the opportunity to discuss Lord Corlys Velaryon’s role in the upcoming season on ABC News. He also shared a few poignant words about the importance of representation in the sci-fi and fantasy genres, a topic that resonates deeply with many fans. Toussaint addressed that Lord Corlys had a different appearance in George R.R. Martin’s Fire and Blood, the book on which the TV series is based.

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Steve Toussaint speaks on ABC News about Corlys Velaryon

You can watch the full video here:

'House of Dragon' actor Steve Toussaint on who deserves to sit on the Iron Throne

ABC News previewed a scene showing a conversation between Corlys and Rhaenys from Season 2. In it, Corlys speaks about feeling uneasy that Daemon was absent when the Blacks needed him to lead. Rhaenys replies that devotion has never suited Daemon.

Though we cannot be sure exactly when this scene occurs, it reflects what we have seen in the trailers about the conflict between the Blacks. Though both Rhaenys and Corlys are steadfastly behind Rhaenyra with full support, it appears Daemon is wavering. We know that Daemon will fly to take the castle of Harrenhal early this season, and the dialogue between Corlys and Rhaenys may be a reference to this event.

Steve Toussaint spoke about Lord Corlys’ role in the upcoming show and his view on how the Sea Snake viewed morality. He also hinted at a change in Corlys’ position, which we have seen in the trailers, and said he would be appointed Hand of the Queen in Season 2. Toussaint said:

“First of all, he’s the most powerful man in the realm. He is a man for whom there is no grey; it’s either black or white. He is a man of action, a very rich man, and rarely for this world that we’re in. He’s a man who actually loves and listens to his wife. He is basically going to be he’s like an advisor to the Queen Rhaenyra played by Emma, because the realm is now split into two parts: Team Black and Team Green.”

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Steve Toussaint speaks about the backlash he received for playing Corlys


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Toussaint went on to talk about his experience of playing Corlys in a world where many black actors have received criticism for playing characters in the sci-fi and fantasy sphere. Toussaint stated:

“It was publicized that there were some people who immediately felt that my casting was completely wrong. And I that I could understand in the sense that when you read a piece of fiction, if you read it you have an image in your head as to what that person should look like. so that’s understandable. I mean Daniel Craig, when he was cast as Bond, there was a bigger backlash because he was blonde. so you get that. but what I objected to was then people racially abusing me.”

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“That is an issue that we still have to come to terms with. I think most of us are on the right side of history, who want want to create programs and tell stories that reflect the world that we live in. I believe that every drama that we make wherever it’s set it still reflects the world and the times in which it was made. This is the world that we live in. We are people of all shades and colours, people of all genders, and so forth, who now have a voice. And I think television drama should be at the forefront of that showing people that that is possible.”

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