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“Stay tuned,” says Ryan Condal about seeing Nettles in House of the Dragon Season 2

Will we see the fearsome young dragonseed in Season 2?



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House of the Dragon Season 2 will premiere on June 16th, and fans are gearing up in anticipation. The series is based on George R. R. Martin’s fictional history book Fire and Blood. Due to this, fans expect the show to follow a certain storyline based on the source material. However, Season 1 of the show surprised many by excluding important characters and changing storylines.

Given this scenario, people are curious whether even more characters will be cut from the show. One of the characters people are most eager to see is the young dragonseed Nettles, described as a girl of common birth who rides the dragon Sheepstealer. Recently, showrunner Ryan Condal appeared on the Black Girl Nerds podcast, where he addressed this question.

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Ryan Condal’s comments on Nettles

You can watch the full video here:

The Cast and Showrunner of 'House of the Dragon' on New Costumes, Riding Dragons and More!

In House of the Dragon Season 2, the Blacks are gearing up for war against the Greens. Conflicting succession claims between Queen Rhaenyra Targaryen and King Aegon II Targaryen caused this civil war. Since the Blacks have many dragons, they will recruit dragonriders in Season 2. In the original text, these dragonriders came to be known as Dragonseed. They all had Valyrian blood, save one. The dragonseed Nettles tamed a dragon by feeding him sheep every day, a dragon that came to be known as Sheepstealer. She was one of the most valiant members of Team Black and a beloved character.

However, recent rumours have surfaced that Nettles will not be a part of Season 2. The reason for this conclusion being drawn is the exclusion of a character of her description being announced by HBO in the cast list. We also did not see her in any promotional material or leaked photos, except for one slight possibility. The Twitter account Wake the Dragon also posted about Princess Rhaena Targaryen claiming a ‘sheep-eating’ dragon. This led fans to believe that Nettles’s character was merged with Rhaena’s.

As a dark-skinned character, Nettles is important to many of the fanbase. Considering this, Jamie Broadnax of the Black Girl Nerds podcast spoke to showrunner Ryan Condal. Though Condal did not give away much, he did leave us with a cryptic hint. Condal replied:

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“I’m not ready to comment on any characters we haven’t met on screen yet, so I would just say stay tuned.”

Though this neither confirms nor denies the existence of Nettles in the show, her inclusion cannot be completely ruled out. Previously, there was speculation about the existence of Prince Daeron. George R.R. Martin confirmed that Daeron existed and would be appearing.

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