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New House of the Dragon set leaks might hint at the arrival of Dragonseeds



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Game of Thrones‘ brutal and extravagantly realistic war sequences were only one of many aspects that led to the show’s enormous appeal. House of the Dragon, its predecessor, follows in its footsteps and has so far created some of the finest fight sequences on TV in 2022. However, there is much more to come, as the Battle of Gullet is on the way, and it will involve some of the most interesting characters in Fire & Blood.

New House of the Dragon leaks might show Nettles and other Dragonseeds

House of the Dragon Season 2 is currently in the middle of its filming phase, and a lot of the important scenes are being filmed right now in North Wales. In one of the leaks provided by the fan site House the Dragons, we see a bunch of characters in costume being filmed. A lot of fans are speculating they might be the Dragonseeds, as the Battle of Gullet is supposed to take place here.

Who are the Dragonseeds?

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The term “dragonseeds” was used to describe children born outside of wedlock, or Targaryen bastards. Queen Rhaenyra’s side had more dragons than dragonriders during the period of The Dance of the Dragons, so her eldest son invited anybody to try their hand at connecting with a dragon. Many people attempted, but only a select handful were successful, particularly Hugh Hammer, Ulf the White, Nettles, and Addam of Hull. Although it hasn’t been confirmed, they were all known as Dragonseeds even if they weren’t all Targaryen bastards.

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