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House of the Dragon Season 2 may cut some characters from the books



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As we approach the second season of House of the Dragon, a flurry of intriguing news emerges. The Twitter account Wake the Dragon has hinted at the possible omission of an essential character from the show who played a significant role in George R. R. Martin’s original book, Fire and Blood. Similarly, the show’s writers have also given updates that may indicate some omissions from the TV series. This article will explore the mystery of what may and may not be cut from upcoming House of the Dragon seasons.

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Credits: Jota Saraiva

Nettles was a girl of common birth from the island of Driftmark who managed to tame a wild dragon by feeding it sheep daily. the dragon was named sheep stealer by the smallfolk for its habit of stealing sheep from the people. when the war began, rhaenyra recruited Nettles as one of her dragonseeds.

A notable facet of Nettles’ character is that she is the only character without Valyrian blood who can tame a dragon. Daemon Targaryen was very close to Nettles and often traveled together during the war. Some speculated that their relationship was romantic, while others believed he looked upon her as a daughter.

In the TV adaptation, the character of Nettles has possibly been entirely omitted. The Twitter account ‘Wake the Dragon’ has hinted at a new and intriguing narrative twist. Princess Rhaena Targaryen will reportedly embark on a quest to track and claim a ‘sheep-stealing dragon.’ This suggests that the role of Nettles might be assumed by Daemon’s daughter, Rhaena Targaryen, in the show, potentially altering the dynamics and storyline significantly.

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Dalton Greyjoy and Johanna Lannister

dalton greyjoy The Red Kraken

Credits: Leonardo AI

Dalton Greyjoy was an Ironborn known as the Red Kraken who wielded the Valyrian Steel Sword Nightfall in the books. He laid siege to the Westerlands and raided the lands of Lady Johanna Lannister. Lady Johanna’s husband, Lord Jason, had recently passed away in the battle of the Red Fork, and the new Lord, his son, was still a child.

Seizing this opportunity, Rhaenyra recruited Dalton Greyjoy and sent him to attack the Lannisters, who had allied with the Greens. This led to a long-standing conflict between Lord Dalton and Lady Johanna, which continued long after the Dance of the Dragons ended and Rhaenyra died.

Though the conflict between these fan-favorite characters is a story loved by loyalists of the book series, it is difficult to say whether we will see these characters appear in the TV series. With the Dance of the Dragons initially being a war that lasted for years, HBO may not include every storyline from the books, given the shorter seasons for this series and the reduced episode count. However, fans remain hopeful about seeing these intriguing characters brought to life.

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Sara Snow


Credits: Riotarttherite

In the books, Sara Snow was the bastard sister of Lord Cregan Stark of Winterfell. Despite many conflicting accounts, some historians believe that Prince Jacaerys Velaryon entered a relationship with her and secretly married her. The theory goes on to say that though Cregan Stark was initially enraged, he later conceded when Jacaerys promised a future wedding between the descendants of House Stark and Targaryen.

This was known as the Pact of Ice and Fire, confirming House Stark’s alliance with the Blacks in the Civil War. However, writer Sara Hess has confirmed that Sara Snow will play a very small part in the upcoming series, as they will not have time to cover every character and part of Westeros. This leads to further doubts about other characters appearing.

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Alysanne Blackwood and Sabitha Frey


Credits: elenyaart

In Fire and Blood, Alysanne Blackwood and Sabitha Frey were two female warriors who fought on the Blacks’ side and participated in significant campaigns. They allied with the three young Riverlords known as the Lads, out of whom one has already been cast in House of the Dragon. There were also rumors that these two warriors had a romantic relationship that blossomed during their time on the battlefield. The two helped the Lads defeat Lord Borros Baratheon in the Battle of the Kingsroad.

Later, after the death of King Aegon II, Lady Alysanne played a large part in the aftermath of the Dance of the Dragons. When Lord Cregan Stark arrived at King’s Landing, he wanted to execute the Sea Snake, Lord Corlys Velaryon, for conspiring to kill the king and committing regicide.

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He held court in a period known as the Hour of the Wolf. However, Lady Alysanne convinced him to spare the Sea Snake’s life in exchange for her hand in marriage. The two later established events known as Maiden’s Fairs to repopulate the Southlands by marrying Northmen to widows who had lost their husbands in the war. The two were later married at Winterfell.

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