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Fans divided over Rhaenys’ escape in House of the Dragon Episode 9



Princess Rhaenys

House of the Dragon episode 9 was quite spectacular, thanks to Princess Rhaenys Targaryen’s grand entry with her dragon Meleys. But all that glitters is not gold. What seemed like a powerful moment turned to nothing when Rhaenys took no action against the Greens. While she does not harm Alicent Hightower and her family, she kills and injures numerous smallfolk. The showrunners and writers have explained her reason for inaction is that it’s “not her war.”

Co-showrunner of season one, Ryan Condal, shares in an interview with Entertainment Weekly, “It was the most outrageous and explosive action of the season. In a way, it’s also the most merciful and most graceful act. It’s because she’s so intelligent and in the end chooses to do the right thing, which is not to destroy.” He continues, “It’s a truly forgiving moment and sort of a loving moment, in a weird way. She has all the ammunition, and the desire for revenge is so great. She’s suffered so much loss, and for her own sake and on behalf of so many others, the urge to destroy is so strong. And yet the choice not to destroy becomes even stronger.”

While most viewers loved the scene for its majestic show of Targaryen strength, many fans do not see the logic and reasoning behind the scene.

What do you think of Rhaenys decision to let the Greens live? Did she do the right thing, or could she have saved hundreds of thousands of lives by just saying “dracarys”? Let us know what your thoughts are on our discord server.

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