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House of The Dragon episode 10 finally showed us what Storm’s End looks like



House of The Dragon episode 10 finally showed us what Storm's End looks like - Borros Baratheon

Game of Thrones was famous for its graphic sceneries, even more so for its majestic castles. The prequel House of The Dragon will be a first for a lot of things in the franchise – the first for 17 dragons to appear on screen, the first time we hear of Aegon’s dream, and the first time we visit Storm’s End. Yes, you heard it right. We finally get a detailed look at the ancestral home of the Baratheon household in the House of The Dragon Season 1 finale.

As part of their retaliation, the Blacks are looking for allies, and one of the sworn families that come to Rhaenyra’s mind are the Baratheons of Storm’s End. She sends her son young Lucerys Velaryon to Storm’s End asking Lord Borros Baratheon to call his banner for the Queen’s favor. However, little did she know Lord Borros had already made up his mind…


Storm’s End is the ancestral seat of House Baratheon. In Game of Thrones, it was allotted to Renly Baratheon. He was the youngest of the three brothers of House Baratheon and was declared Lord of Storm’s End. We couldn’t see much of the castle of Storm’s End in the original series, as Renly camps on the outskirts of Stormlands. It was bestowed upon Renly by his brother, King Robert Baratheon, after he becomes the ruler of the Seven Kingdoms.

We have been to Storm’s End before in House of The Dragon episode 4, when Rhaenyra visits with Ser Criston Cole at King Viserys’ behest in hopes of finding a suitor. However, we only got a very brief glimpse of the inside of the castle. However, in the finale episode, we get a very detailed aerial view as well as a better inside view of Storm’s End.

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