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HBO renews contract with controversial House of the Dragon writer, fans react




Sara Hess has been a writer and producer for big-name television shows like House and Orange is the New Black. Her latest project as a writer was House of the Dragon, season 1. A section of House of the Dragon fans, especially the ones who have read the book Fire & Blood, on which the show is based, are disappointed with HBO’s decision to renew their exclusive contract with her. They fear that with Sara Hess coming back for House of the Dragon season 2; the show might become a tragedy and disservice, like Game of Thrones season 8. (Minor spoiler alert about the show concerning Sara Hess’ writing.)

As per the fans, the writer is behind some of the worst decisions of the show. In her interviews, she has revealed that she and the writers added Rhaenys’ scene in episode 9 because it was “awesome.” Fans haven’t been satisfied with the scene because Rhaenys’ didn’t attack the Greens as it wasn’t her war. In the same episode, the writers managed to give Larys Strong a fetish associated with his impairment. She has also mentioned that she was surprised how fans loved Daemon, who is a bad husband, father, and brother, and this statement didn’t sit well with the fans. We must note that Daemon Targaryen is George R.R. Martin’s favorite Targaryen.

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