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Here’s a closer look at the new Targaryen armor from House of The Dragon Season 2




Without everything being of the highest caliber, a show like Game of Thrones would not have attained the status it did. The show did a really good job with the costumes, for instance. The fact that its prequel House of The Dragon will also include some of the best TV costumes ever shouldn’t come as a surprise. We recently got a glimpse at the new Targaryen armor for the Greens from the sets in Spain.

The new Targaryen armor under Aegon II’s rule

Locals who live close to the filming sites in Cáceres saw a shining golden Targaryen insignia on several flags and carriages in a number of fresh photos that were stolen from the House of the Dragon set and published online. The same insignia was later seen on the renewed armor worn by the actors who portray the knights and the soldiers under Aegon II’s rule.

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What does the new Targaryen sigil mean?

Aegon II’s new sigil, which combines his father’s sign with the hues of Hightower, will soon take the place of the former red and black sigil that once adorned King’s Landing. Aegon II Targaryen honors his golden-scaled dragon, Sunfyre, by wearing a golden dragon sigil on his chest plate and flying a banner bearing the same sigil behind him when he is crowned king. The three-headed dragon is in honor of his father, while gold represents Sunfyre and green for the Hightowers.

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