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House of The Dragon Season 2 to wrap up filming in Spain today



House of The Dragon

The filming of House of The Dragon Season 2 in Spain comes to a conclusion today. Beginning on 18th May, the cast and crew shot several important scenes in Cáceres and Trujillo, which include a royal funeral procession and a victory parade. As HBO prepares to shoot the last remaining scenes at these locations, locals were able to capture a few more pictures of the last day production.

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The Blacks in Cáceres

Emma D’Arcy, who plays Queen Rhaenyra, and a bunch of extras in Gold Cloak armors were seen just a couple of days ago in Cáceres. Today we have a click of a castle flying the classic red and black Targaryen banner over one of the historic buildings where the shooting will take place today.

Targaryan red black banner

PC – Jorge Villar

Santa Maria Plaza will remain closed for 12 hours today for filming

According to the Spanish news site @mevoyacaceres, the hotspots for House of The Dragon’s filming, Plaza de Santa María, and the streets adjacent to the Plaza de San Mateo will remain closed to the public from 11:30 am to 11:30 pm. Here are some pictures from the last day of filming, provided by Javi Borrega:

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