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New House of the Dragon Season 2 promo and photos show Team Black gear up for war




With another promo for House of the Dragon season 2 released, fans are afraid the makers are going to give away everything in these small snippets. On the other hand, more die-hard fans are happy to get any insight into the show that they can.

June 16 looks quite far for people who have already waited with bated breath to see how Rhaenyra avenges her son’s death.

Rhaenyra and Rhaenys talk war

The latest trailer shows the two leading ladies of Team Black talking about war and its deadly consequences. A war between kings is hateful, but a war between dragons is bloody and calls for many deaths. Along with that, we see a lot of violence, a thirst for revenge, and angry men waiting to unleash the beast within.

If the Blacks have Daemon, then the Greens have Aemond. Both their characters are very similar and Aemond only truly fears Daemon because he knows his uncle is as fierce as he is unpredictable.

Ryan Condal has already confirmed that there are two massive wars in House of the Dragon season 2. One of these wars might include two dragons that go toe to toe and produce mass destruction.

Syrax shows full potential

Rhaenyra's dragon Syrax

Credit: Max

Rhaenyra’s beloved she-dragon Syrax is set to show its highest potential in House of the Dragon season 2. As the biggest asset in Rhaenyra’s artillery, Syrax will help her claim her birthright. The latest promo shows Syrax in its full might, ready to take on any challenge that comes its way.

Rhaenyra has a heart-to-heart with Jacaerys


Credit: Max

Another new look at the upcoming season suggests an emotional mother-son conversation between Rhaenyra and Jacaerys. They are sitting on a cliff and looking out at the horizon. Fans are wondering what the two are talking about.

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The solemn expressions and the setting suggest that Rhaenyra might be explaining the war and discussing the toll it has taken on everyone. On the other hand, this also might be the time when she explains the prophecy to Jacaerys so that he understands why his mother is doing what she’s doing.

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