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House of the Dragon casts three more roles: Pirates and servants this time



The first season of House of the Dragon perfectly captured everything we’ve come to love about the Game of Thrones series. Love, lust, longing, grief, fear, gore, deceit, and of course, dragons. The first season was universally hailed by viewers and reviewers, and fans can’t wait for the next installment of the Targaryen drama. 3 more cast members for Season 2 have been recently revealed.

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 House of the Dragon adds three more cast members

As the filming at Leavesden Studios nears completion, we are getting more news from behind the screens. This time, we have news of three more cast members joining the show, via Redanian Intelligence. They are:

Bill Best – Tyroshi pirate
Milos Bindas – Triarchy pirate
Jaouhar Ben Ayed – Servant

The Gold Cloaks spotted at Leavesden Studios

Recently, a number of nighttime scenes were filmed at Leavesden Studios. Interestingly, one of these scenes involves a bunch of Gold Cloaks near the Red Keep. Do they help Daemon with the Blood & Cheese incident, since he was the one to form them?

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