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House of the Dragon reportedly filmed nighttime scenes showing civilians being burned to a crisp




After completing filming recently in Bourne Woods, Surrey, production on the second season of House of the Dragon is one step closer to being finished. With an early 2024 release date, this movie is advancing extraordinarily quickly, and fresh details about the plot, the characters, and the setting are being revealed daily. Filming continues at Leavesden Studios, and we have some more news from behind the scenes.

House of the Dragon filmed scenes depicting civilians set on fire

We already know that the second season is going to be a lot more brutal than the first, as evident from the regular leaks. A recent report via the House the Dragons fansite suggested that another nighttime sequence had been filmed at Leavesden, directed by Loni Peristere (ep 7). The scene takes place in a village and is described as several men and women being burned by a flamethrower, and the place set on fire.


Which scene from Fire & Blood might be depicted here?

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There are not a lot of scenes that involve civilian murder that have been predicted to be in the second season of House of the Dragon. Fans have been debating what it might be; while some say it is the Battle of Honeywine, where Daeron was knighted, others suggest it might be Aemond burning the citizens of Riverlands, supporters of the Blacks, in order to lure out Daemon.

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